Mercedes Benz Antos 12 v BETA

Mercedes Benz Antos 12-1 Mercedes Benz Antos 12-2 Mercedes Benz Antos 12-3

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– Shadow for all chassis
– Speedometer
– 6×2 DNA Chassis
– Content
– Shade sun visors
– Shadows spoilers

– To the original previews for accessories
– Plates driver and passenger
– Flashing beacons
– 6×4 chassis
– New sun visors
– New side skirts (chassis 4×2)
– Semi trailer Schmitz SCS.Mega for chassis 4×2 Low frame

This version:
– Fixed a crash that is adapted to 1.16

Tested on 1.16 – 1.18



19 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Antos 12 v BETA

  1. Mr.GermanTruck
  2. Ok I tested the truck. Its not bad considering it’s still Beta but the gearboxes are off. The 16 speed one is very strange when shifting. Also it seems the truck is very fast in acceleration. Just minor things to fix. But so far so good. Keep up the good work guys!

  3. Гоцман

    У меня одного на нём очень плохие тормоза? Отзовитесь, если у кого ещё так.

  4. is it now compatible with the MOD ?

    because Джо warn us to not mix both and i like both…
    when i use the Volvo i get memory trouble with Antos active.
    thanks for reply

  5. AlexandruM

    Please make same mod for MP4

  6. pralk0suszarka

    Give me the inside of UK

    pleace 🙂

  7. mode has come to me

  8. is there a none 7 zip version

  9. First, why is this locked? 2nd, why does the GPS looks like something gone wrong? 3rd, it would be more fun with this, if there was more skins for trailers and truck tarpaulin.

  10. How To Break Bad

  11. ElfyPers0n

    Amazing mod! I’ve only used it for one short delivery, and I’m already ditching my decked out MAN for it! However, it isn’t without its quirks. The acceleration is a tad much, and the brakes are too weak. Nice mod anyway!

  12. Great truck, I’d love the leather/stitched effect steering wheel in my other Mercedes too!

  13. fix the brakes pleas its braking badly

  14. Sean Tello

    i can’t find it in any Mercedes-Benz dealership

  15. I dont see the top airodinamic wing

  16. Can you also make a flatbed chassi s plz

  17. 06_Jenia_99

    Fine work, works perfectly! But I have a question: How to change a skin on a tandem? I made a skin on the truck, now it is necessary to make on a tandem. Where to be a file/tandem?

  18. hello

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