Mercedes Benz Axor V2

Mercedes Benz Axor improvement.

Author: DANZ



7 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Axor V2

  1. Can you added more link?

  2. Cool mod!
    Although my game seems to spontaneously crash. Any ideas?
    Are some of my mods clashing or is it the mods fault?

  3. James1730

    i think its the mod. mines crash too i put the old version of this it doesnt work but try going directx mode and open as admin

  4. Sarkissian

    The Black edition and the Powershift version are the reason for the crashes, the lowroof highroof and highroof s are okay!

  5. Robin Banks

    So far no crashes with the Black edition and Powershift. these trucks don’t use V6’s they have inline 6 engines but other than that this is one of best home made trucks I’ve tried.

  6. Have Permission Editor

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