Mercedes Benz LP 331


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This Mercedes Benz LP-331 is a pretty nice standalone truck mod with its own textures, 3 types of chassis, high quality sounds, its own interior and lots of tuning parts inside. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz LP 331

  1. nice truck with good behavior based on 1934 skeleton but with lower engine power. it has a bug with the outside camera view which should be corrected. also the front bumper has an unnatural position and I had to keep the original.
    unfortunately is occupying the same place as Mercedes Benz 1934 in Mercedes dealer so can’t have both in the same time but can buy one first then switch position in the mod order and buy the other.
    overall a good work for this truck as well as the other old Mercedes Benz

  2. Вячеслав
  3. Chuck U. Farley

    A very nice work on the model here, and I love the sound! Found one bug though: game crashes when you press the button for bc-Info wich is usually set to Keyboard “I”.

  4. OhSoLamePT



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