Mercedes Benz New Travego 15-SHD

Mahyar Gashemi (interior)
Arda Sağlam

Model Edit Convert
Artin Kazanciyan

Fmod Sound
Amin Babei

Bey Bedros
Abdullah Zengin
Burak Bıkmaz
Hasan Çekdar

Oyuncuyusbis Mods


14 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz New Travego 15-SHD

  1. Why are all your Travego bus files RAR files. How can i fix this problem?

    1. It’s not a problem, you just need to extract the contents. They are .scs files within the .rar.

  2. Says mod not compatible with 1.41.

  3. Jeffrey Van moll

    Says. It is not compatible in.mod folder

    1. me too

    2. The manifest file says it’s only for 1.42. This is why I hate people locking their mods.

      1. How did you open the manifest file?

      2. Is there any way to make it compatible?

  4. Incompatible with 1.41 …. i don t know why …. it s a broken mod !

  5. 1.42de çalışıyormu bide dizilimi nasıl olacak?

  6. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – new TRAVEGO (Modifiye + Sefer) [1.41]

  7. Pls make Isuzu Turquoise 2016 bus.

  8. Pls help, really ALL your last mods are in rar files. How can it be like that everyone else has scs files and only you have those ###### rar files. Mod looks good, i would like to use it but i cant because of this.

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