Mercedes Benz Update Pack


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In Pack Includes:
– Mercedes Benz LPS1632:
update for version patch 1.14.x;
bug and lags optimized.
– Mercedes Benz 1840:
update for version patch 1.14.x;
Interior change.
– Mercedes Benz 1844:
update for version patch 1.14.x;
interior change;
bug and lags optimizade(interior and exterior)



4 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Update Pack

  1. Mercedes Benz Update Pack HD Video

  2. This is fake. CrysS did nothing. No change compared with the original version.

  3. did work on 1.13

  4. ShuqGrind

    Awesome,Stas556 and dmitry68,keep up your good works!
    I can say all of your mods are number 1 among all the mods because it really look REALISTIC.Btw,I’ve got my suggestion for both of about a Ford CLT9000 Cabover truck mod? Nobody had done that truck
    before,so it will be great if it included in ETS2.

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