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Standalone Mercedes MP4 Truck with Interior and little Addons

Authors: Danz, Ch_Vitalik, Baltazar


17 Responses to Mercedes MP4

  1. Ultrabald says:

    Looks good but I hate all these flags and the curtains in the cabin. Is it possible to take them off ?

    • Benny says:

      Me too. I hate them in the cabin. Pls take them off.

      • Vasek says:

        Bothers me the registration number (front and rear plate).

    • Siotion says:

      Me too. I want to drive this truck without them.

    • Gerald Payne says:

      I agree about curtains and flags. 6X4 version Vertical exhaust.? ! !

    • Cayd says:

      Yeh, Don’t like em. Replace them with dices or air fresheners or something..

  2. Donti says:

    +++ all

  3. Marcelo says:

    Very nice man.

  4. acenickells says:

    +++ me too

  5. bolp says:

    #### n00bs! Make it a option to have those curtains on or off! What kind of n00b would drive with that #### on.

  6. @dr_jaymz says:

    please, make the courtains optional, what light mod do u use?

  7. Arclight says:

    How do you delete the rugs that are hanging around the window? Looks like a south of the border truck!

  8. pndrx says:

    ^^ is this disaster still happen when using RHD ??

    oh btw, can you make bear or elephant to replace the curtain or something in the windshield? so i cant totaly see trough outside…

    make them optional please, so we can remove them when we dont like it…

    overall nice mod, thx

  9. Steve says:


  10. Diogo says:

    makes this mod but updated please thank you

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