This pack contians

MICHELIN T cab EXC Skin.scs
Michelin T coloured wheels.scs
яяя Michelin T rear flap & Plate cover skins.scs
the five wheel cover skin IS ONLY a skin, so if u do not hav five wheel cover, well you know..

there is no trailer becoz there r soo many michelin trailers i didnt think there would be any point 🙂

unpack all 3 scs files, activate and your away

Hope you like and enjoy



24 thoughts on “MICHELIN T-cab EXC skin

  1. Tazik63.ru

    на версии 1.15 не работает при установке кожи игра вылетает

    1. im sorry but i do not know why, very strange. it is quite a high resolution skin, other that that i hav know idea.

      if other ppl are getting the same let me know plz, and i will lower res and see if that works

    2. sorry try it without the rear flap i hav a feeling it the fifth wheel cover combined with flap thats the prob

  2. EJTruckingINC

    Nice Mod Cheers!!!

  3. Walter Plinge

    OOOH!!!! Now that’s ####…

    Gotta git me some of thayyyt !!!

  4. Hello, thank u for rlly nice skin.

    I wanted to know what other mod you used ? pls

    1. because I do not have same decoration in my truck

      1. Scania t accessories V3 by mole

        1. thank u 🙂

        2. I do not have glass protection ( skin michellin ) i add Accesories V3. same for mirrors skin michellin.
          why ? :$

          1. are running any other scania mods, scaniamagastore or something like it, those mods stop the stone guard and a couple other things too.

          2. also are u using RJLs T mod it is the best T mod going.

          3. Yes, I change model. Now everything works. thank you very much. GL for the next skin 🙂

  5. Wongcroft

    Very nice! You’re the best skin modder! 🙂

  6. stobarttrucker

    every time I click on the skin the game crashes.
    any help?

  7. Very nice skin, I love it! Thanks.

    1. im sorry jdwarfer i do not know it works for most, im starting to think it only works with 1.16, becoz of the resolutions, but i cant be sure if anyone can help i would be grateful.

      1. message above for stobarttrucker my mistake

        1. stobarttrucker

          i have updated my game to 1.16 and it still crashes. what do i do?

          1. are you using RJL’s T mod it is the best and i think only fully working bugless T mod out there if that dose not help i am very sorry it is beyond me, it work with other ppl

  8. Forser188

    That is just high quality ####! Keep up the good work!

  9. mod wheel please 🙂

  10. mod wheel ?

    1. ARIE if you refering to the fifth wheel cover you will find it in the RJL’s scania T-cab accessories v3.

      the coloured wheels come with pack

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