Military Truck 1.16.x


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1.16.x tested

Group Indonesia


10 thoughts on “Military Truck 1.16.x

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    trash. Not recommended.
    – Mirror does not go
    – Interior do not go
    – Poor Interior Graphic
    – And much more error

  2. MSrihardi

    I think you should mention the original Author like Jazzycat and Seseorang

  3. Make a HET M1070

  4. Authors:

    The Author Of The Military Truck: Group Indonesia

    Author residence: AlexBrody, vovangt4.

  5. another terrible useless mod.

  6. video in french , video en francais :

  7. this truck is in Battle field four

  8. Romanus98

    more bugs!!!!! like iveco wheel, mirrors. interior (very low quality)….. etc….
    Please, repare it!!! It must looks like true army vehicle!!! 😀

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