Mitsubishi Fuso


Tested: 1.3.1
Replace: Volvo

Author: Unknown


20 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Fuso

  1. I ussually don’t preffer this kind of truck,but this truck is something special..

  2. I can’t download this mod .. Have another link please .. 🙂

  3. Is there people in the world who actually drive this piece of ####???
    Or is it fake?

    1. This company is one of the World’s largest truck manufacturers, but you’re right no ones drive them. They are acquired as good luck items and kept inside businesses and garages.

      1. freddy Jimmink

        Hmm…. The above info is partly correct, it is teh biggest truck manufacturer in the far-east,

        The trucks find there way also in the far-east and they drive quit well,


        Freddy Jimmink

        1. emang 😀

    2. you are so ignorant lol

  4. In my country (Indonesia), this brand is a big player, head to head with Hino and Isuzu.

    1. Pembukaan

      Yeah, this truck usually use in Indonesia

  5. This truck is used for local/regional haulage in Australia carting semi/b doubles around but the BIGGEST truck manufacturer in Far East is ISUZU AND UD then HINO and MITSUBISHI comes second ,, this truck is ok but if you drive it for a ling trip than ,, not a favorite

  6. What happened to the other Fuso that was on here, “Mitsubisi Fuso Super Great” ????

    Why was it deleted?

  7. Akbar Reynanda

    I wish there a which make truck Indonesian mod, sorry for my bad English

  8. bl4ck en6ine

    This is the new series of mitsubitshi Fuso super great. nice modding … thanks

  9. I bought a Mercedes car out of the game itself, I did not leave the game.

  10. i like this

  11. RevelationWH

    1.8.x please

  12. wonderfull !! thanks for the mod. lovin’ it

  13. legosurf224

    In New Zealand They Are used Alot by heaps of companys

  14. Is the good truck in independent economy country coz is the most cheap load vehicle in those country

  15. Kenapa tidak menjadi games yang saya daowlad

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