Mod produces rear bumpers from Scania to DAF XF105

We read important information about the mod below!

▶ Works in MP.
▶ One hundred should choose the chassis that you like.

▶ The mod requires the presence of the DLC Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack!

Installation !!
Yes, in the group not to spread 3 mods in a row, it was decided to combine everything into 1 archive.

What would the mod work for:
▶ – Open the archive.
▶ – Select the desired mod from the archive (the name of the mod will be identical with the name of the photo in the archive) and drop it into the folder with the mods.
▶ – Apply the mod in the game
▶ – Well, rejoice

Subscribe to my group in VK “” there I also post mods for ETS 2 and ATS multiplayer.

Black Sky


4 thoughts on “Mod produces rear bumpers from Scania to DAF XF105

  1. Could you do a same mod for volvo 2012 ?? i think it would be good on this truck 🙂

  2. Hello,
    Is it possible to give the file’s password to read the .sii file of chassis please ?

  3. Jurre Marien

    Can you plz make a mod where you can use all the griffin stuff on all trucks in special i mean the exhaust and cover plate on the back

  4. Berat Ataç

    mod silinmiş bir daha yüklermisinzi

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