Modified Peterbilt 389 1.7


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Peterbilt modified 1.7
changed and updated template
added new set of front lights, peterbilt 359 style (sry indicators are still in the shipping 😛 )
added 4 new cab options, day cab, day cab flat top, 2 flat top sleeper (other options may follow)
added logger and headache rack from Kenworth T800 mod
added paintable version of american eagle bumper
added paintable mirror
adapted backside slots for new cabin options
make color corrections for some accessories
bug fixes

the templates are also in the google drive folder

if someone is interested to help, just pm me, i’m looking for some one with 3d modeling skills 🙂

truck credits:

Builder by Ivan (Haulin)
Import ATS/GTS and building : Kenworth58(2)
GTS import: Iljaxas
Parts : Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier
Sounds: Kriechbaum
Convert to ETS 2: “dmitry68″, “Stas556″
Modified by : maxx2504, ED101,viper2

Do not reupload, you can publish on other modsites but keep the original download link

dmitry68″, “Stas556, maxx2504, ED101,viper2


55 Responses to Modified Peterbilt 389 1.7

  1. Nestor Motta says:

    I want to see this mod in American Truck Simulator.
    Thank you to everyone involved. it is perfect!

    • Nestor Motta says:

      Yes, now we have daycab!
      Thanks Guys!

    • kent76 says:

      don’t worry, buddy,the latest video of a visit to SCS Software shows that a worker is working on a Peterbilt 389 truck model, but not so much have done, it will be in the game, but I don’t think SCS will make a flat long cab……….

  2. aleksey says:

    Спасибo за мод.

  3. Trucker Melli says:

    very nice job, thank you! one thing i miss….custom front fenders, then it will be 1000% perfect!

  4. Dragster94 says:

    Magnifique , the best mod ,dommage que les jantes chromé de la photo ne sont pas inclus dans le mod , merci a vous pour votre travail acharné et très rapide,chaque semaine une nouvel version toujours plus belle.

  5. geoff1 says:

    different download link please as about 12 files on it one file would be enough

    • Tom says:

      You need only one (Peterbilt 389 v1.7.7z). The rest are older versions, templates for skins and maybe extra wheels..

    • Mr.GermanTruck says:

      Download 2 Files…
      Zzwheels and Peterbilt_389_v1.7

  6. geoff1 says:

    try for sharmods one file lot easier

  7. vovangt4 says:

    Repeat !
    Nothing new …

    • Jesse says:

      No it’s not jackass, there are different cabs and accessories.

  8. SygTrans says:

    in which the dealer is it?

    • daf says:

      Did you figure out what dealer it is at? I would like to know.

  9. K-whopper says:

    nice update . nice heavy front alcoa wheels in pic. will they be released ?

    thanks again guys

  10. kent76 says:

    daycab! now we can have areal Optimus Prime 389 truck!!!

  11. killroy19 says:

    Hi there !!! GREAT WORK !!!! Thanks for it !!!! 🙂
    I have one question… do you turn on GPS in the cab ??

  12. kent76 says:

    All right, it’s nice, nice tunings, but I have to say that I’m some kind of disappointed, the flat cab is ……too short, and where are the two boxes?(is that air cleaner?)
    Dear auther, We like the day cab very much, could you please make a longer flat sleeper (like Optimus Prime peterbilt 389 truck) and remove that uh….what is that …the black part with Peterbilt symbol on it behind the rear wheels and fenders, and return us the two boxes as an option so that the section behind the tank will not looks so empty, Please, we really really want a capable people to do this so that we can play a real looking Optimus Prime. Please……….whatever you do or not, thank you very much for the current version of Peterbilt 389 mod !

  13. K-whopper says:

    Nice work guys truck looks great. Love all the options and day cab plus flat top

    Just a thought
    (1) Can u add prime red and blue dash (2) add chrome and paint fender to lift axel
    (3) Maybe add a longer chassi lowered

    Thank for releasing to the public

  14. Dr_Hause says:

    А на какую версию игры етот мод?????

  15. Brandon says:

    would love to play with the mod but the google drive file seems to be broke…

  16. richthofen says:

    please fix download not working !!!

  17. Rafael Lopes says:

    The truck looks awesome. The only thing that bothers me is the interior sound of the engine. Why don’t you use sounds like those shown in ATS gameplay?

  18. SteevManzo says:

    Beautiful truck! Replacing the panel for GPS? Thank you!

  19. SteevManzo says:

    Como trocar o painel para GPS?
    Replacing the panel for GPS?

  20. Gregorow says:

    The machine was very cool! Thank you on behalf of all the fans Peterbilt! I would recommend the following development of the oval headlights and a single lamp on top of the front fenders round beacons gonna do!

  21. Kenworth-K200 says:


  22. nogame says:

    Can you please upload this to mega or sharefiles… google drive cant take a bunch of people trying to download your mod at the same time

  23. Jckgoldness says:

    This upload this mod to another site

  24. Uxot says:

    Is the steering wheel rotation correct now? (900 degrees) otherwise meh ill skip it

  25. JJXD says:

    Please do NOT use google drive! It absolutely sucks! I ma sick and tired of having to wait 24 hours to download a file, only to repeat the same thing over and over.

    Sharemods would be the best option for this. It’s quick and easy, and you won’t have to deal with google’s crap.

    • Jesse says:

      That’s just your internet speed jackass, I download the one file I need in about 30 seconds.

  26. Hamlet94 says:

    Hey guys, there’s an alternate link to the mod on mediafire.


  27. titan_estrada says:

    cabine rack for all cabine confiuguration…

  28. ChR1s says:

    Somehow this truck dosnt show up in game. Any ideas why?

    • Valkyrex says:


      If the person who uploaded the mod was the same person who created the mod know that the truck appears in the game you have to put this mod in first position in the mods list.

  29. anthony says:

    does not work on 1.20

  30. Carlos says:

    Love it, but.. my game crashes when active the mod and load my profile 🙁

    • Jesse says:

      there is a mod conflict then. It’s not the truck itself.

  31. Cpt04Patches says:

    Awesome mod, where can i get the wheels shown in the top most picture?

  32. Jason says:

    Any chance of getting this mod updated, so that I can use in 1.2?

  33. Jonathan says:

    ok look if you ever have to listen to a request please add these pipes their amazing and would compliment this truck in an amazing way

  34. JN says:

    BTW, what happened to some of the paint schemes? There are only solid colors and metallics left now.

  35. SteevManzo says:

    GPS Panel dont work in my ETS2!

    • Cpt04Patches says:

      Press key for beacon (default “O”), this will change the touch panel to GPS.

      • SteevManzo says:

        Thank you friend! You say the GPS key? I set one on my steering wheel exchange for all other trucks except this! o.O

      • SteevManzo says:

        Thank you friend! Now saw it works! The button used is the rotary light! Here you worked! Thank you!

  36. aussie trucker josh says:

    if there is going to be a next update can you please make the frame of the truck longer

  37. Jck says:

    Only way this mod could get better is if it had a stretch axle

  38. Spyderco says:

    Would it be possible to make a shorter chassis for they day cabs?

  39. Bryan says:

    Awesome Job Love this Truck also for those asking how to turn the in truck gps on press the key that you have bound to your beacons by default the game sets it as O its the same as with most trucks done by stass and the crew as for the person who modified it awesome job and THANK YOU for bringing this awesome truck into the modern game versions

  40. jseb35 says:

    Hello everyone
    Which file to change the color of the needle gauges
    Thank you for this very good mod

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