Modified Peterbilt 389 v 1.10 BETA

Modified-Peterbilt-389-1 Modified-Peterbilt-389-2

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* Added some new parts
* Patch 1.22 compatibly

Builder by Ivan (Haulin)
Import ATS/GTS and building: Kenworth58(2)
GTS import: Iljaxas
Parts: Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier
Sounds: Kriechbaum
Convert to ETS 2: “dmitry68″, “Stas556″
Modified by: maxx2504, ED101,viper2

Do not reupload, you can publish on other modsites but keep the original download link, and mention this forums thread, because it’s a work in progress mod, so all requests and bug reports only here


16 Responses to Modified Peterbilt 389 v 1.10 BETA

  1. Riley says:

    Reupload of the modified peterbilt modified v2.0 but even crappier so take it down u idiotic person

    • RegularJohn53 says:

      Nobody forcing you download the mod , you should be grateful for him letting you download his future projects…

    • Mr.GermanTruck says:

      Not reupload. Look at the SCS Forum.

    • llh says:

      Holy #### you’re an #####

  2. Tasja says:


    This is not reupload of Peterbilt v2.0, that one is made by ATM Modding, this v1.10 BETA is from Viper2 himself, so where you get your info i dont know but i can assure you you are hitting completely wrong with your remark.

    V2.0 is ATM most work with approval of Viper2 , the V1.9 is Viper2 his own mod and this is Viper2 his own work.
    So please do your homework before you scream things, specially if you say untruthful things.
    If you dont like it dont download.
    If you have suggestions great go to scs forum where Viper2 has his own topic about this version and previous ones (also explains about the V2.0) does take notice of suggestions and tries to do them when he and if he has time.

  3. Asasins says:

    I understand well that it is not possible to have activated Peterbilt v2.0 and that your mod together?

  4. Lousy gamer says:

    Does the jake brake work?

  5. Riley says:

    Sorry viper2 I love ur v2.0 of the peterbilt 389 and this one looks good sorry I didn’t think it was u sorry viper2 your a good man?

  6. Robertcarrizal says:

    i wish for unbilt cab interior 1997 peterbilt?

  7. Josh H says:

    This looks better than the older 1.9 version I have. Headlight options are very nice. Can’t wait to see your work in the future on ATS!

  8. Phoenix2k16 says:

    Nice Truck Viper, yet again you release another great mod, Only a couple of things I can find wrong, The Front number plate of a UK registered vehicle is the wrong color should be white not yellow as yellow is for the back number plate, I don’t see your custom grill badge and the interior don’t match from the outside view, it shows the default wood grain without the apple when I use the other interiors, Hope to see these fixed in the next update, also would be nice to have RHD like the Australian version of the tuck for uk interior with MPH clocks and HD interior for all interiors so you can read the clocks and dials

  9. marcus says:

    where mecanic are der

  10. chris says:

    no jake brake fix this plz

  11. Filip says:

    Where do i find the truck?

  12. thijs1239 says:

    can you make a template link because it isn’t int the mod

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