Modified Peterbilt 389 v 2.0.8

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Modified Peterbilt 389 V2.0.8
added new cab and sleeper models
added new interiors with custom options
added various new parts

Info for all skin maker:i changed the unit name from “peterbilt.389” to “peterbilt.389v2” sure that you change that in your skin definition !!

truck credits:
Builder by Ivan (Haulin)
Import ATS/GTS and building : Kenworth58(2)
GTS import: Iljaxas
Parts : Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier, Ventures87 (Wendi), RBR-DUK
Convert to ETS 2: “dmitry68”, “Stas556”
Sounds: Kriechbaum
Technical Support: Solutech
Modified by : maxx2504, ED101, Kriechbaum, V2obert, viper2

Viper2, Ivan, Iljaxas, Kriechbaum, maxx2504, “dmitry68″, “Stas556″


11 thoughts on “Modified Peterbilt 389 v 2.0.8

  1. Lol! The truck at the preview image is sad about something:(

  2. this truck has more errors than the original truck of Viper (v2.0.5). first of all you removed accidentally the folllowing folder: def\vehicle\truck\peterbilt.389v2\accessory\rooflights, then there are plenty of other errors because of the dependency with the ATS pack, respectively with the original Peterbilt 389 and 579.
    some icons are also missing and by default there is no steering wheel.

  3. abigail w

    the problem of ATS truck it will be difficult if passing through the toll booth in lane ETS 2, if without any modification of the toll booth.

  4. Who keeps uploading my wip stuff ???

  5. doesn’t+show+up+in+iveco+dealership…+why+is+that?

  6. Hi. The mod doesn’t work for me, i tried to update my actual working peterbilt 389 (mod v1.12) and don’t work, i tried activate the mod with different name with my peterbilt v1.12 and don’t work, and i tried to activate only this peterbilt and don’t work. My other mods work perfect, including peterbilt 389 mod v1.12 and v1.9 (tested each version apart). My other mods are Kenworth t800 v2.2, skins pack camouflage otelo and sports wheels pack v2.
    My game version is 1.26.6.

  7. would it work for 1.27 or above?

  8. please would it work in 1.27!

  9. thigo monne

    kd a atualizao para 1.27 nao roda mais trava

  10. thiago monne

    please para .1.27 please

  11. please do a make of GMC General Sleeper for and

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