More Traffic More Trucks Big Update v 2.5 By TruckZone

More Traffic More Trucks (1) More Traffic More Trucks (2) More Traffic More Trucks (3)

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– Added new option to choose your map
– Fixed some bugs like speed on Hi Ways and some trucks disappearing
– Increasing speed of trucks (more speed than older version of the mod) [90km/h on Hi Ways] & [95-97km/h Hi Ways UK]
– All DLCs included on the main mod file (DLC NORTH + DLC EAST)
– AI traffic trucks skinned
– Added new cars in traffic AI
– Reduce a bit the number of trucks than other previous versions
– More traffic density all the day time even by night
– Works on 1.18.x version of the game
– Works with low-end PCs
– Tested with VANILLA & PROMODS 1.95 without problems (game version
– Log is completely clean
– Tested on this pc specs without any lags or crashes

Please do not re-upload or edit this mod… Share with the same Links_ Screen-Shots and Video

Authors: TruckZone & Jazzycat


22 thoughts on “More Traffic More Trucks Big Update v 2.5 By TruckZone

  1. Thanks

  2. Thank you!

  3. TruckZone

    ** Please read the INSTRUCTIONS included in the mod archive after extraction **
    __If your map does not exist in the maps folder contact me to add it by email : [email protected]

    You welcome.

    1. You’re french ?

      1. TruckZone

        No i’m tunisian 😉

  4. if you are with jazzycat then the work more interesting for me


  5. Photographer

    The download link doesn’t work-

    1. Work fine 😉

  6. [fs] Failed to open file “/def/vehicle/truck/jazzycat/volvo.fh12/chassis.sii” in the read_only mode
    00:02:16.185 : [fs] Failed to open file “/def/vehicle/truck/jazzycat/volvo.fh12/cabin.sii” in the read_only mode
    00:02:16.251 : [fs] Failed to open file “/def/vehicle/truck/jazzycat/volvo.fh12/chassis.sii” in the read_only mode

  7. TruckZone

    _Promods_1.95 + Polland Rebuilding_1.96 + RusMap_1.5.7 + More traffic & More Trucks_2.5 __ All Activated In Game ( Video Test )

    Video Link :

    Please put the mod at the end of your mods list to work properly ( add some “zz” ).

  8. often you stuck on cross-roads because traffic ai will never move off. please reduce the traffic a little bit und the waiting period at the traffic lights to be more realistic..
    and often all traffic lights shows the red signal for a whole minute and nobody is driving..

  9. To me the best traffic mod up to now. Thank you !
    I kindly suggest you open a topic with link in the WOT forum mod thread for better feedback from users.

  10. Please make this for 1.19.x

  11. I really love this mod.
    buth it´s way to much traffic. and way to often i need to reload the profile because of that. every time i go in to a city it´s kaos. is it possible to just lower the traffic in city´s? i love having loads of traffic buth i want to play the game not just sit and wait.
    i did make a test. i got in to a traffic jam in stockholm i think it was. i went to bed. and when i came back it was still the same traffic jam. 8 hours later.

  12. jaegwang jang

    mod is problem for 1.19….
    i just see few number of cars and trucks..

  13. I agree with NAPPEN but why not post a small tutorial about parameters so that we can edit ourselves ?
    (sorry you did not get much feedback in your WOT thread)

  14. Blubbinio

    in my Game the Trucks and Cars stay at the Street sometimes and dont move :(.
    2. I have the TruckSim Map. Which file i have to activate? normal+ TruckSim or only Trucksim ?
    Thx for answer

  15. this mod block all trafic

  16. Please update to ETS2 v1.21 & v1.22. The new ETS2 updates have taken all trailers away. Thanks.

  17. TruckZone

    ok guys,sorry i was busy for a long while,and i didn’t play ETS2,yeah this mod need update and fix some settings…when i was absent,i saw some guys stolen the mod,rename it and edit it without even say thanks or permission,so i will not update this mod,maybe they can xd

  18. So, it looks like TruckZone is out of business. There are no mods listed anwhere for ETS2 v1.23xx. Sad, very sad. We need modders that will stay with ETS2, and update their work.

  19. please make a mod to add all of the original paints of the game to the trucks in traffic. its very necessary .the original paints are very beautiful.

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