More Truck Traffic

More Truck Traffic (1) More Truck Traffic (2)

This mod will added all truck from SCS including Mercedes New Actros 2014 and DAF XF Euro 6 with all variants of chassis, cabin, and some accessory into your traffic.
Tested versions: 1.18.1s and

Author: fachri2000


10 Responses to More Truck Traffic

  1. ProTrucker says:

    Nice mod!

    Do they also appear more in traffic aswell on highway and in the city?

  2. k says:

    it made my traffic disappear

  3. AEALFM says:

    the trucks appear with bugs lacking parts, somebody had that problem after the updating 1.18.3

    • fachriirzami says:

      Is the bugs listed in game.log.txt ?

      • AEALFM says:

        What happens and that after the updating 1.18.3, the trucks seen by the rearview mirrors appear with modelling flaws in the cabin, I always used this mod type perfectly and now no and more possible, because it is very strange those fail, I already tried of everything here and I didn’t have success.

  4. Willy says:

    After I test, the traffic has no change.
    I want to see, what are the script inside your mod, so i change to .zip format.
    Your mod.scs file is damaged. it can’t be used either with scs extractor or winrar.

  5. AEALFM says:

    same using that mod, Live Truck Traffic, it happens the same thing that the mod that I created, defect is visible for the rearview mirrors and in the camera 2.
    And even with the structure old original example @ include “truck/mercedes_traffic.sii” the same problem happens.

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