Morozov Express 6.8


The map works only with Mario map 12.1


In archive two scs file add the mod folder

Morozov Express 6.7 still remove

No new cities
Fixed numerous bugs
Added license plates
Added road signs

How to install manager from the bottom to the top:

10 ETS_2_Map_Other_maps.scs
07 Mario 1.26.scs
06 ETS_2_Map__Morozov_Express_6.7.2.scs
05 ETS_2_Map__12.1_prefab & more.scs
04 ETS_2_Map__12.1_model_part2.scs
03 ETS_2_Map__12.1_model_part1.scs
02 ETS_2_Map__12.1_map.scs
01 ETS_2_Map__12.1_def & mat.scs

Authors: Valera T, Morozov, voldemar56 Special thanks for the help with registration and the creation of models: Mario Bogdanov schura.lozovoi KanSkyPhotographer Also thanks for help in identifying errors Lavkos and all who took part in it


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4 thoughts on “Morozov Express 6.8

  1. I tried this mod before and had high hopes on it.
    First of all the mod takes forever to load.
    The roads…… Better fix the roads to be more like they are in real life.
    Roads in the mod is smooth and no bumps…

  2. Wywala z gry po dodaniu tej mapy 2 plików a mam Mario Map 12.1 działa mi tylko Morozov Express 6.3

  3. nportegies skins

    Mario have removed the card, takes forever to boot.
    Card has become too large and extensive, in America there is not he better become.

    I switched to ProMods.

  4. Turboiron

    Nothing good. Game crashing and crashing, even when traveling in Europe. Very annoying.

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