[Multiplayer] Front Camera [1.31]

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This mod work on multiplayer, tested on version 1.31.
Work with all trucks.

Link of the original mod :https://ets2.lt/en/front-camera-scani…

Download extern11 :https://mega.nz/#!Lsg0TbBD!TCt6cs7Upa…
Download Sii Descrypt : https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.p…

Correct code : You must have this code : “/home/extern11/def/vehicle/truck/scania.s_2016/accessory/f_mirror/shape2.sii”

Totally allowed by Truckersmp rules.

Thank’s to Zeeuwse Trucker to let me reupload this mod.

Zeeuwse Trucker, Yasteni

DOWNLOAD 759 KB [mega.nz[
DOWNLOAD 759 KB [Mediafire]

25 Responses to [Multiplayer] Front Camera [1.31]

  1. DAF Trucker GER says:

    Dont work with DAF XF 105 :/

  2. игорь says:

    ей бы не помешало прописку на лобовое стекло сделать,или чутка ниже,примерно на 1/2,а то как то высоко слишком.

  3. ETS_2_KAZAKHSTAN says:

    не работает загружено.

  4. KungLaoHD says:

    Im happy when it comes for rearcam!

  5. Magikarp says:

    Dont work with Scania next gen 8×4 :T

  6. Magikarp says:

    Dont work with SCANIA R next gen 8×4 :T

  7. WoorkyY says:

    Can you drive a vabis?not the one that you already threw off, but this one

    • Yasteni says:

      This one is from a rjl mod, you the creator is not agree for share it so i use only for me

  8. Nebskungen says:

    For some reason when i put this mirror on my Volvo fh16 and load the game it just ends up crashing.
    Weird thing is, when I first tried putting the camera on my truck I accidentally used the scania.s_2016 and the game didn’t crash, but was obviously in the wrong place as it’s a different truck.
    Not too sure why the game crashes with the volvo.fh16 model.

  9. Nebskungen says:

    Hi if you see my previous comment please ignore, I didn’t realise I had to change the shape2 to shape3 for the UK layout. It’s all working now. Thanks for the mod!

  10. Dennis_GER says:

    The Mod doesn’t Work

    I did it the same way as in the video but it does not work

    • KungLaoHD says:

      Hallo Dennis.

      Der Mod funktioniert beim neuen Scania R & S perfekt. Du musst als 1tes dir den Frontspiegel anbringen, damit du dann später auch den Eintrag f_mirror findest. Ich selbst fahre diesen Mod beim R & S Scania und auch im Stream auf Twitch. Perfekt!

  11. [IT-VC] Andrei [BY-3] says:

    I installed this mirror on all trucks, in some trucks it was perfect (although at a certain foreshortening, it was obvious that it hangs in the air or very goes into the texture, but it does not get worse), it works absolutely on every truck, but with it installation, you can not replace any parts. You can change the color of the color that was set before installing the mirror, as well as changing the color of the disks and tires. Thanks to the video I was able to install it on the lung, thanks to the author for such a high-quality mod.

    • Yasteni says:

      Thank’s for your comment 🙂 In fact, when you change something on your truck it can disappear but you can add it a 2nd time.

  12. KungLaoHD says:

    Missing this nice MOD as Back “Rear-camera”.

  13. Sweren says:

    Nice. More mods pls

  14. Yasteni says:

    I work on it =)

  15. _Itz_Vláďa says:

    Don’t work on MAN and other trucks..

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