New Bus Elegance 360 Final


BUSSCAR Elegance Modeling 360: Erisson Borge ModBus ALH
Interior: Possatto and Jozz
Conversion and Editing for ETS 2: Luan Guerreiro
Interior – Editing and Animation: AdReis
Adjustments Corrections: AdReis and Uallace Moreira
Skins: Mateus Geraldo and ModBus ALH
Headlights and taillights 3D: Megaking Road
Final Editions: LiNuX – MCH
Special Thanks: Bruno Henrique – Matheus Almeida – Diego Santana – Erick Araujo – José Gonçalves

Author: Linux


18 thoughts on “New Bus Elegance 360 Final

  1. Good Job, Beautiful Bus!

  2. Look cool.
    But, where can i find the bus?

  3. Raphael Nunes

    where i can find? is standalone?

  4. The Dealers Can Be Found In Great Scania.

  5. 1.4.1?

  6. Hi, here is the viniskin and I wanted pedetir all, if someone has the file base.scs the ETS2 already extracted, you could send me the folder veichle (where is the trucks and trailers). I only need this folder to continue edits skins.

    note: I know the estrous aqruivo base.scs, but I do not want to spend so much memory on my computer just to make a paste.

    SEND TO MY E-MAIL: [email protected]

  7. jonathan6204

    Does it work for 1.4.8?
    Reply if it does 😀

    1. Destructor03

      1.4.x means all versions of 1.4 so 1.4.8 yes.

  8. Vladimir Poteryaev

    It’s no good to lock with password all .scs with ‘common’ files, such game_data.sii, economy_data.sii etc. Protect only your model and nothing else. For such authors – it’s very easy if you don’t know. Just pack with password only model files, then add to the archive all other files without protection. Users will be able to midify all they need except your model. By the way such archives are harder to crack 😉
    Stupidly protected mod – I do not want to use this one, because do not want to rearrange mod’s folder.
    Very sad 🙁

  9. I have a question that never seems to be answered– Why does not someone create a system to pick up passenger at the bus station that we now have in the game. I use 1.4.8 and having a bus as a vehicle with which you drive from town to town eventually will delete all the cargo for trucks in that profile,and if you switch back to a truck to pick up cargo the screen will show no cargo. If a passenger system was intergrated into the cargo system then ALL the bus stations would have a purpose and not just as a sleeping point. SCS is developing a bus game, but We have a game already with busses and stations WHY NOT PASSENGERS. I think you can set them up as cargo, but have it show up as a group of people at the station Some time ago someone started a mod with a bus and passengers but the point of pickup was at cargo docks, but failed due to the point of pickup was a wall you could not get through to pick them up. Please give the busses a purpose!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. one other comment. This mod causes a thumping sound to be reard when you shift gears or brake need to fix

    2. You have right I think same that why they dont make the buses in game to pick up in street or city when already has busstation etc in the game . Gaem move that way that bus sim and truck sim going together and why not take advantage of this. I am not one who wants play some times bus driver. I think that somethin can connect bus and truck simulator game version. Ok I dont write moment more otherwise it goes to long text. Sry me I like drive Bus and Truck simulator even better is two in one game more. I know lot of work but I have hope game in future is good to play. Forgive me again that long story

  10. why my ETS 2 not responding if i extract this mod??

  11. where can i find this buss :O

  12. You find this bus in Scania truck dealer salong big one at least I know that. Mod author knows better does it can fine some smaller salong to or not

  13. cool bus! but where can i find it?

  14. The noise when it change gear is unbearable.I hate that noise. It drives me crazy…

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