New Ferry ProMods v 2.20

Old ferry connection:
– Roscoff – Ventspils
– Gdynia – Torshavn
– Calais – Kirkenes
– Thurso – Kirkenes
– Felixstow – Kardla (Hiiu maakond)
– Kirkenes – Seyðisfjörður
– Vaasa – Hull
– Świnoujście – Seyðisfjörður
– Calais – Seyðisfjörður
Added new ferries for ProMods 2.20:
– Belfast (Ireland) – Gdynia
– Belfast – Tallinn
– Rosslare (Ireland) – Kirkenes
– Rosslare – Rostock



4 Responses to New Ferry ProMods v 2.20

  1. Jupie94 says:

    Dude, it’s Euro TRUCK simulator, no Euro SHIP simulator…

  2. NilWo says:

    I suggest Rosslare to somewhere in france (Breast, maybe?)

  3. Frost says:

    Anything that more cities and countries, ferries, modify fuel prices and other stuff that makes the game to be more realistic is a huge YES. THANK YOU!

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