New Flares Pack


New pack flares. Mod alters the street lights on more realistic, and also replaces the entire flyer light balance chamber!

Test version of the game: 1.20



6 Responses to New Flares Pack

  1. RetroSpectre says:

    Is this compatible with the “Early and Late Autumn Weather Mod v 4.0” and the Ai headlight mod?

  2. Karina says:


  3. Christer says:

    It says no file when I try to download

  4. Chaos Trucker says:

    Wonderful!!! Thank you!

  5. Develo says:

    good mod , one thing i didn’t like , there is no refection on the ground for the trailer back lights (only when you hit the break there is little reflection) , i don’t know if it’s because i’m using jazzycat mod !

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