New Garage (service) Scania 2016 Sound

New garage service
Scania 2016 Sound

-Lift axle Sound
-Air brake
-Engine brake
-Tear air
-Garage retro style


DOWNLOAD 286 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 286 MB [Zippyshare]

14 thoughts on “New Garage (service) Scania 2016 Sound

  1. Crash!

  2. I confirm: CRASH TO DESKTOP…

    And there is no Description for what Version of ETS2???

    1. Hello, search googe for New Garage (service) Scania 2016 Sound. you will find another page for version 1.32

      1. “google”

        1. Only the sound works!

          1. Thanks, I will give it a Try…

  3. Mathonner

    My game just doesn’t show the garage itself, all I see is vehicle in the void….. But I don’t crash for my part…. need update

  4. For version 1.31.x

    1. beta version harmony may not be

  5. This mod for version 1.31.x. Not crash

  6. Too many junk files for a garage! Why is there any sound for Scania trucks? Why is there a lot of other stuff, vegetation, road, pictures, gas station, ui, material, vehicle, trailer. What a mess! Should be cleaned up!

  7. Why would you combine garage and sound mod?

  8. Lets rain insite!!

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