New Generation Scania Low chassis


Bu mod yeni nesil scania çekicilere düşük şasi ve hafif karartılmış cam ekler.


This mode adds low chassis and light dimmed glass to the new generation of scania towers.

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6 thoughts on “New Generation Scania Low chassis

  1. thanpol53

    no cables working

  2. Billy0815

    There are texture bugs when this mod is active and the cables don’t work. Please fix it.

  3. Can you do it a little less low.
    I think the front is too low

    1. M.Vinicius.Dh
  4. M.Vinicius.Dh

    EN – by Google Translate:
    Mod very good, just need to adjust the cables that are not working and the textures of paintings that are not appearing on the side, for example the metallic paints. I wonder if it’s possible to make it functional in multiplayer mode. I hope you can update soon and thank you very much for sharing it with us.

  5. and the chrome accessoires get’s purple color effect.. :/

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