New GPS system

Key features:
1. More realistic gps system
2.The street colors change on the GPS and the font moves.
3.The icons change on the map.
The mod must have a higher priority than the “new gps system” in the Mod Manager to work properly.
Hope you like it.



4 Responses to New GPS system

  1. Thomas-H says:

    Yea, i like it much. You did a very good Job with that Addon.

  2. Mistraou says:

    Sorry but I had to remove it : world map does not open with it !

  3. Thomas-H says:

    After some tests I had to realize that the contrast in the navigation system while driving is very weak and it is usable only with difficults. Light blue on light gray with yellow arrows doesnt have that contrast a driver needs during the way.

  4. JM says:

    Is this one working in 1,32 ??

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