New Hard Economy


– Compatible with ProMods
– Compatible wtih all DLC

Tested: 1.22x, 1.21x

Created by: Samo MODS (2016)

Author: Samo


8 thoughts on “New Hard Economy

  1. Well this is too harsh from the uk, liverpool to hungary, budapest 138 euros? that is ridiculous the original is real and even the original should be more.. and 0.02 euros per kilometer is even more ridiculous mate… seriously?

  2. New Hard Economy? More like Brutal Economy!

  3. You realize that that money is only enough to pay for gas, right?

  4. I confess this mod is brutal…

  5. Tommorow i try create Real Economy Mod

  6. Johnny Rotten

    [email protected]@cking ridiculous mod, get a life man.

  7. It should be 1E/Km

  8. Space Cam

    i never know you have mod maker a ###### as the one who made this mod. where on earth does anyone would a hard economy mod. some of you moder are so consumed into this game this game you gays makes rubbish.

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