New Scania Gigaliner Rebuilded

Scania Gigaliner (1) Scania Gigaliner (2) Scania Gigaliner (3)

I make this Scania Gigaliner again for version 1.19.x…

– Bugs fixed
– Errors fixed
– No sterring wheel on the back wheels fixed

You are also able to make skins for this mod.
PLEASE DONT REUPLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: TeoTheTrucker


22 thoughts on “New Scania Gigaliner Rebuilded

  1. Video?

    1. TeoheTrucker

      Not Yet because i have a little problem with my recorder 😉

  2. well done


  3. VIDEO ?!?!?!?!?!

  4. 6mb lol, nothing of this truck in game, fake

    1. Quent1_Fr

      compressed file , ##### …

    2. Chris Webster

      So how big did you expect a couple of text files and maybe a model file edit to be?
      Don’t call fake until you have at least tried the mod. You uneducated troll.

      Nice mod by the way, works for me, and an interesting challenge.

      1. TeoheTrucker


    3. Faelandaea

      As usual, like every other comment I ever see this little kid post, just a troll post.

      The file works fine and as described – which for those of us who actually SUPPORT the community and do not troll it – would ave expected to happen 🙂

      Every single mod that kid posts on he calls fake.

  5. I have a issue in my pc:

    when out side view of cabin(pressing key number “2”)

    I can see when I break the cabin go much down
    and when I accelerate the cabin go much up

    I think be physics problem.

    I just usee this mod in v1.19.2.1s 64 bits.

    sorry poor english

    1. TeoheTrucker

      no its not a problem actualy its physics that i have put into but if you look from the interior its looks like the real truck physics


    Hi, very nice mod!!

    Works for me on v19.2.1s together with a lot of other mods.
    I’m getting used to driving but parking at delivery still difficult. haha

    Oh what fun it must be to have that second pivot point. Can’t wait for that physics to be sorted out.

    Thanks for the mod. Keep on modding.

  7. TruckingLover

    So bad..

  8. bonjour j’ai mis le mods gigaliner fonctionne t’il exclusivement avec le scania et dans quel entrepôts ce trouve les remorques merci et bon travail surtout courage

  9. AlrightyThen

    Great mod! Here is a review/spotlight of it

  10. I have little problem driving it. My truck didn’t have any traction on on power axels, slips whole time. Brakes locking everytime when even tap. Is this issue with trailer when use normal chassis (4X2) or how physics works with this trailer? It’s feels like driving on very slippery ice.

  11. CF- Driver Kardigan

    SO do you have like 2 Trailers 1 big and one small behind you like in the Screenshots ?

  12. TheDutchTruckNL

    Hello is it compatible with 1.25?

  13. TheDutchTruckNL

    Hello is it compatible with 1.25?!

  14. DeGelderseTrucker


  15. DeGelderseTrucker

    Can you please make your mod to 1.25 or 1.26, 1.25 and 1.26 could be fine but for me the best thing could be 1.25

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