New Service

New-Service-3 New-Service-2 New-Service-1

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Tested 1.16.x version

Author: Paulo Rodrigues Silva


11 thoughts on “New Service

  1. It looks nice
    TSM ?
    RUS MAP?

  2. compactible any map?

  3. Mr.GermanTruck
    1. The new service area it is only to ROTTERDAM?

  4. Can you make him for the version Please

  5. que a roterdam ?


    Witam czy będze działać na 1.15. 1 jeśli nie , czy można zrobić na tą wersje ?

  7. misterbasi

    for all Service Station, or just in roterdam ?

  8. Replaces the small dealers everywhere …

    1. Oh no small dealers but service without dealers, sry …

  9. sieht gut aus, das ist aber schon alles.
    funktioniert nicht. schrott!

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