NEXT-GEN Graphic Mod

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NEXT-GEN Graphic Mod

Instructions in archiv

DamianSVW, piva, Rafaelbc


43 Responses to NEXT-GEN Graphic Mod

  1. Jens NE says:

    Trailer is that, Nice! oh man….

  2. Koldaka says:

    It only contains a pdf file and a video: ((((

  3. Fabian Haizmann says:


  4. Ahmet Budanır says:

    I don’t know how to make the installation?

  5. rohan says:

    links are not working

  6. tunning6000 says:

    Amazing Graphic.Excellent job.thanks

  7. Vitaly says:

    all are working well.

  8. KingScania says:

    My game wont start up with ReShade installed

  9. TRUCKER says:

    It’s for daltonian ?!
    If you really do not see that the person has problems with color perception – go to the doctor now !!!

    This is for you dudes:

  10. myoung yun says:


  11. Paul says:

    It’s stupid ! Links aren’t working.

  12. aleksey says:


  13. big1 says:

    la più bella grafica di sempre
    davvero un ottimo lavoro

  14. TheGreenlightTrucker says:

    We download a 300+ MB Video & a PDF file with links. Why you dont post the links directly? Because earn money?

  15. neranjana says:

    Amazing Graphic mod

    How To Download,Install & Review (Direct Download Link)
    HD Video 1.30

  16. MarLIN says:


  17. DamianSVW says:

    Download links are in this PDF file with the manual I made it so that it is easier to install the mod for amateurs, and you know there are a lot of people who “reupload” mods is a way… so i do not earn on this nothing compared to the time spent on creating this Mod. If you do not like, do not download

    I for my part wanted to add that the work on this MOD took me almost half year, may contain sporadically some individual files of other authors I think it is no problem, these are thousands of dds files mostly created by me. I am very happy with the result.

    • TheGreenlightTrucker says:

      You can pack all in one rar 😉 That’s the easier way.

    • rohan says:


      Again the links are not working please check the pdf and update the links……..or create a rar which is more easier!

    • Dmitry says:

      Mod is great, but I have one problem. I can’t sleep on parking. I tried several different parking lots. I use ProMods. If anyone known how to decide this problem, I will be so grateful for the help.

  18. Mistraou says:

    You write: works with ProMods & Poland Rebuilding… but you seem to exclude all other maps like Vanilla, MHAPro, TSM, Rusmap, ROS. Is this correct? When yes, we have a problem even if your work is very nice.
    Hope you give us more explanations. Thanks.

  19. Guest says:

    This file work on TSM, RusMap, Romania Extended, all in the latest versions. Don`t use any mod that alters weather! Good work, getting a few errors, but works fine so far.

  20. marco scania vabis says:


  21. Mistraou says:

    Thank you Guest

  22. Michiel says:

    The clouds in the distance are blurry, if i disable your weather module can i use another one instead?

  23. Reish says:


  24. speedy says:

    Nice Graphics mod for ETS2 …. can we see one for ATS 🙂

  25. lorenzo says:

    work with ets2 1.31.1 version?

  26. WolfINFINIte says:

    I can se it on Euro Truck Simulator 2 MultiPlayer?

  27. dont matter says:

    don’t download it it contains malware via pdf, i reported it to authorities, as spreading virusses and malware

  28. Suleto says:


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