Niedersachsen Map v 1.4

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The N-Map is a standalone-Map with very realistic built citys/streets
__you need to add a new profile and change the play module
!You need DLC east, north and france!
– Finished: Hildesheim (street enhancements, Volvo-Händler added)
– Scania-Händler added at Anderten
– customized licenseplates
– customized vehicles
– Bug-Fixes/ Performance adjustments
– lodingscreens got personalized

Mapper: SN-Map/er, Prefabs: FLD, Real companies Mod: Tamiel18, Def helper: BLACKFOXER


12 thoughts on “Niedersachsen Map v 1.4

  1. Lilo is Good

    Does load order matters? Can’t find useful info, everything written in German

    1. What do you mean with load order maters?
      And the description at this side is in english

      1. Lilo is Good

        Where to put each files respective to each other in mod manager, ie should I put def first, or map first, etc. Yeah but description in this page doesn’t include any info about load order.

        But don’t worry I already test it with any kind of order and it works fine. Love the gameplay on the map. Nice work man, keep up!

        1. Very good, thanks for the feedback.
          Did any order worked best?

  2. Hello, does this map work correct also on Steam version of the game? Thanks.

    1. Yes ofcourse with every game in ets V1.31.”

  3. You say this is standalone but, it needs DLC??? :/

    1. RayFiftyOne

      Standalone means you need to create a new profile and read the description before you ask.

  4. what is the order please ?Because my game is bugging when i taken the mod

  5. What is the scale of this map?

  6. Brodyaga27

    Profile please this map:)

  7. Driving_SG

    Video (installation etc.)…

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