Night driving lighting mod


Mod with rebalanced light for a better night driving.

HDR, Color correction (tonemap) and DOF must be set to ON!!!

1) Weather & HDR params setted up for each time interval.
2) Flare remaked.
3) Lightmask for truck & traffic remaked.
4) Different masks for relecting halogen & linz xenon. Light intencity
5) Lights positions set correctly for each truck.
!!! Additional lights on front & roof grills not working correctly,
don’t use them, work still in progress.
6) Some little tweaks, such as traffic car colors (more white & black
cars, less other colors)

Base weather mod by Mishuk. Some highway lamps taken from
Atak_Snajpera mod – they are with bigger bulbs, so player can see them
from longer distances. Shared by supric. Uploaded by IlkOyun.


12 thoughts on “Night driving lighting mod

  1. Great, thanks! 🙂

  2. What map is that ?

  3. which map?

  4. Absolutely love the light beam (the light on the road), however, I do wish the flare from the lights was toned down, as it does seem quite overpowering and not realistic in my opinion.

  5. Acceptable in the city. But Do not Venture out into the darkness.Seems the trick, no lights are lit rather the way.

  6. tyrannix2342

    Mod on a championship level. In the rain at some point I thought I was going real truck.

  7. ///MPOWER

    It was fine but now crashes game, why ? Helpp

  8. ///MPOWER

    Now all is ok, working fine

  9. this is the best mod ever made !!! absolutly a great job !!! hope you’re upgrade it with subtiles things !!!

  10. gamerOFnorway

    Please make this mod competible for 1.17 or 1.18

  11. MAN-TGXa 18,440 XLX Fan

    Please this Mod of new Patch 1.20 and 1.21 Patching

    We Truck Fans missing this realistic light mod

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