Nissan Diesel UD Quon

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The test for the version 1.3.1.
Replace IVECO.
Model independent. There tuning.
Prohibition was not.

Authors: Kaidotaro, Boncil Jozz


12 Responses to Nissan Diesel UD Quon

  1. alvan mahendra says:

    boz mod UD nissannya bs share yg untuk versi pliiiiiiiiiiiis…….

  2. Sarkissian says:

    Why is the file LOCKED???
    Please unlock it! I want to make traffic files for it so that I can get this truck driving around as an AI truck also!!
    Unlock it please!!

  3. Sarkissian says:

    Terima Kasih.

  4. evergreen says:

    the author is very hyperbolic to lock the file in “def”, LOL
    What are you afraid of so that you lock the file in def?
    you affraid if somebody hack or steal your file in def? ####
    it only make user unable to merge your mod with other mod or unable make traffic with your mod..
    dont be selfish, the truck modder is not only you and nobody user is only use your truck mod..
    definitely they are use other truck mod..

  5. indonesian truckers says:

    Gan tolong interiornya juga dong, masa spionnya mengikuti iveco ga kaya UD truk aslinya..

  6. ####-Gówno says:

    Of #### is Gówno!

  7. ARB says:

    It may help how open locked .scs files:

  8. pendrex says:

    iki iso nggo persi 1.2.5 ora lek?

    *aku ra iso boso enggres ..

  9. simon melkert says:

    no interior

  10. cupi malik says:

    Gan…. tolong buatkan interior nya donk. terasa agak janggal nyetir nissan tp pd setir nya tertulis \Iveco\ :p
    Terkesan kurang orisinil boss ^_^

  11. tishan says:

    plz make mod for 1.10

  12. Senang Cari Mod ETS2I says:

    spion gk persis
    spion nya pakek IVECO
    GW MAKEK V1.25

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