Nissan GTR R35 (boosted) V1.31

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Revision of the old fashion Nissan GTR R35, which is now based on the original physics of the game. The parameters of the turbine, set the box, the machine accelerates to 100 km / h in 2 seconds. On the road flying 300 km/h. In this fashion, everything is done beautifully, there will be no such that the engine has a torque, and the mass of the car is comparable to the train, which is difficult to stop, on the contrary, for the game the car is very light, the brakes are very “gentle” as the steering, require individual adjustment in the game menu, the sensitivity is lower, the control will be more pleasant, but difficult at high speed, and Vice versa. The damage is blocked. The parameters of rubber are prescribed, so the wheels do not change. Mod was done for myself, prikolyuh and airbrushing not, who have the files open.

The downloaded file just throws in a folder with mods and activated in the game, sold in all salons, money does not ask, the price is twisted into minus.

Kadir Yagiz, ETS3


7 thoughts on “Nissan GTR R35 (boosted) V1.31


    *mods that are not ####

    amazing could i ask u to make a r8 v10+ 2018 or Q2

    1. Wich dealer?

  2. The same old model (I don’t remember how many times it’s been shown) I guess with a new version of the engine (again as usual). Look, we don’t need to run at 300 km/h. This is not a racing arcade game, it is a driving simulator. What we need are details that give the greatest possible realism to driving. Something as simple as indicators on the dashboard or a onboard computer. By the way, does automatic change work? Do you hook up with the car trailer? Because Ets 2 consists of the transport of goods. Just running at 300 km/h doesn’t make sense. Not in this game.

  3. What dealer?

  4. Shivendra

    which dealer

  5. Where can i buy it?

  6. it kicks me out of the game, the car is broken and the games can’t handle it

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