Nixon 3D DAF XF106 Sideskirts+ Scania 143M

Hello fellow virtual truckers,

I wanted to share some stuff with you all, after Nixon 3D scammed multiple people.
By all means, don’t make the same mistake as I did.

The mod includes Nixons DAF XF106 “Roz” Sideskirt and a 143M.



Nixon 3D


9 thoughts on “Nixon 3D DAF XF106 Sideskirts+ Scania 143M

  1. AvM Transport

    Sideskirt also have the shader fail as the other stuff of this great “modder”?

    1. truckerhans

      thats old sh*t mate – old stolen mods nothing new

      1. AvM Transport

        I know.
        The most expensive paymods are stolen stuff of free mods.

  2. geldt dit ook voor de sideskirt van de scania series

    1. Nope, is alleen de 143M Standalone

  3. With the Daf, some parts are bugging crazy. Maybe for future updates, check bugs or glitches.

  4. Unknown nitro

    what can you expect when it’s free, take it or leave it is your choice….
    PS its not Nixon3d is a fake one the real Nixon3d will not leaked his stuff out

    1. AvM Transport

      Read it: A customer leaked the stuff.
      & of course: Nixon3D haven’t good stuff.
      I paid one time for side skirts. A lot of shader errors.

      1. truckerhans

        maybe u are so silly and dumb – so now u are against him – because u bought one mod from him.

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