No Damage v5.1

MOD disables damage to all trucks, trailers and their own trailers in the game ETS 2

version 5.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.35.x — 1.41.x):
— added compatibility with version 1.41.x
— Corrected some values

Your transported cargo will always be intact (undamaged)
Connect with high priority (above all mods)



6 thoughts on “No Damage v5.1

  1. Work in promod??

    1. sdonbass18


      1. Ok thank you

  2. lewis m bowman

    according to antivus this mod has a virus

  3. Anti-virus warned dangerous and deleted this file

  4. Engi István

    The antivirus detected a virus in the mode and deleted it immediately.

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