No Road Block Barriers v1.0

This mod removes the DeadEnds on the maps, you can also drive trough it.
Tested in 1.40.X
Tested in 1.41.X
Tested in 1.42.X
Tested in 1.43.X
Tested in 1.44.X



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7 thoughts on “No Road Block Barriers v1.0

  1. Just why OMEGALUL Meanwhile you can disable them in 1.45 xD Quite useless

    1. Because those who play in v1.45 represent a very small minority. Of which you, troll, are a part.

      1. The_One_Over_There

        That still doesn’t mean that 1.45 isn’t around the corner though.

  2. du bist der troll und hast nicht ausgeschlafen Penner.

  3. Nawet gdy je wyłączysz ręcznie w 1,45 to niewidoczne ściany i tak zostaną.

  4. leonidasPAOK

    This achieve is either unknown or damaged

    1. DavidCZ585


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