No Road end

No road end signs and no invisible walls.
Full compatible with 1.30.x game versions and all DLC!



10 thoughts on “No Road end

  1. 1.30 ???

  2. Alexander

    …so,for what is..?…is out there continuation of the road.?!…i don’t think so,so i repeat my question….for WHAT IS.??

  3. Heaven and Hell

    I don’t understand what’s the difference between these 2 mods:

    There is no video on youtube.

    1. Не чем

      1. Не в чем

  4. It works on 1.31.x with ProMods 2.27 + RusMap 1.8 and few other map mod

  5. please 1.31 … 🙁

  6. Возможно кто то увидев этот мод, возьмется и обновит его.

  7. Please No all signs ! Service, Gas station , Road end , Trailer icon ….

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Can you update this mod to game version 1.31?

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