No Speed ​​Limit And No Damage V 1.9


-In the gameplay settings disable speed limiter.
-No damage to the truck and trailer .
-Works with 1.9.22, versions



8 thoughts on “No Speed ​​Limit And No Damage V 1.9

  1. Why would you need mod for speed limiter, which you can turn off any time?

  2. i gues the developer means with no speed limit you can drive with 200 km\h without getting a speeding ticket.

  3. Hamidreza

    work on TSM Map ?

  4. dont know havent tryd this mod jet

  5. extrawolf

    hi is there anyway you can make it work on tsm please

  6. Hi.
    Could you please link to a trailer in the picture ?

  7. This mod is not realistic

  8. Works on 1.12.1 🙂

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