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Recently the 1.14 update has stopped most NoDamage Mods from working on 0% damages, so I decided that you could change them to a really low number which makes it not take damage as it doesn’t “build-up”. This Mod disables your chances of getting fines on ETS2. You will not get a fine for any action which would usually get you a fine, and you will not get a message blocking your GPS either.

Tested on 1.16.X


DOWNLOAD 12 KB [No damage]
DOWNLOAD 2 KB [No police]

16 thoughts on “NoPolice + NoDamage by MasterMods

  1. les 2 liens sont mort, merci de voir ça

    1. MasterModers

      Trouver les bons dans la vidéo

  2. please reupload download link~~

    1. just delete (NoDamage) or (NoPolice) at the end in address bar

  3. мод не рабочий

    1. MasterModers

      Ссылка для скачивания неправильно, найти его на видео

  4. nice picture….i belive i can fly…….

  5. le no damage ne marche pas, sauf, si on enlève TOUS les autres mods

    1. MasterModers

      It should work with other Mods as well, the download link is not right though

  6. New link please

    1. just delete (NoDamage) or (NoPolice) at the end in address bar

  7. 🙁

  8. AgEnT 007

    Авторы доработайте мод,пока что он не рабочий((

  9. I have and I do not work 1.16.2, why?

    1. fareed_fstar

      just add zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz front of file name NoDamage after that will work

  10. Gabriel Esquivel

    El Link De NO DAMAGE esta caido el link, porfavor lo pueden reparar, muchas gracias !!!

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