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Norway map


Bergen, Kristiansand and Oslo.

Author: polog4

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42 Responses to Norway map

  1. Flemmen says:


  2. ScaniaLover says:

    is this an extension of the existing map or a replace? and does it require new save game or not?

  3. fauna2 says:

    Lovely-Lovely map. Have tried it since yesterday. If you have cargo in Norway and Denmark, you must start a new game. But for driving you do not need and start a new game 🙂

    • liviua96 says:

      hy there, a little help please,i run the version 1.3.1,i’ve try to install many mods but they wont work,they wont made any change to the game,i’de like 2 install the norway map mod,but i’m afraid is not gone work,any indications please

  4. Bosnian Guy! says:

    Do you need to start a new game?????

  5. Leah Elena says:

    What does it mean with making 5 new folders in mod folder?
    I put in all files from archive but even starting a new game doesnt help! I just get back to choosing which profile to play on! Please help.

  6. Rigge1988 says:

    Download link is broken.

  7. Leah Elena says:

    Download link is NOT broken. Just make sure you use the right one. 😛

    For me the map doesnt work and it gives errors that arnt recognized!

    “00:00:38.025 : [pml] buffer too small, dropping pml item.
    00:00:38.029 : [pml] buffer too small, dropping pml item.
    00:00:41.908 : quit
    00:00:41.931 : Current profile not set.
    00:00:41.931 : Failed to store profile config
    00:00:42.416 : [dx9] NVAPI unloaded
    00:00:42.756 : [net] LOG INFO: Stopped
    00:00:43.188 : [sys] process shutdown”

  8. lonelyman says:

    Please do a patch to not need a new game. Thank you.

  9. lonelyman says:

    I like the map and I want to use it with another map,

  10. Luciana says:

    Only some countries can download from there.Mine is not included

  11. mads says:

    dårlig mod.

    vis jeg laver en ny og køre fra københaen så kan jeg kun lever i københavn ikke en gang gå en last hvor man køre fra københavn til ålborg eller tyskland dårlig dårlig skuffet

  12. james says:

    This map is superb in every detail. I enjoyed the cargo delivery scenery. It is done with no flaws on norway addition. I spent 3 hours delivering cargo at all destinations. I give this map a 10 stars out of 10 stars approval. thanks. cant wait till the next additiion. job well done.

  13. Leah Elena says:

    James: How did you get the map to work?
    Please tell us… I tried putting every file from archive into mod folder but the game wont load any profile and I use patch

  14. Chris says:

    That link is broken

  15. George says:

    Dude, please reupload the map on zippyshare or mediafire. The link is not broken, just that gamefront has a list of banned countries from which you can’t download any file if you’re from that country. Here’s the list with those countries banned by gamefront.


    I hope this will help other uploaders NOT to upload their future files on gamefront, in the future.

  16. trucker richy says:

    can someone tell me what files to put into my mod folder for this map to work. I tried putting everything in and the game works, but i dont see the norwegian cities on the map. I am not using any other maps so i am a little confused why it wont work.

    • Baba says:

      take all files – 01 – 05 into y mod directory
      create a new profile and choose a nEW CITY

      in Denmark or NORWAY…

      Then its works perfect

    • ignoroth says:

      You need to edit your profile at the launcher, and apply the addons from there.

  17. cgaston says:

    Excellent job my friend, keep it up!!

  18. Olaf says:

    How is it installed? a patch on what it is? thanks a lot

  19. SunndalsMyggen says:

    E truddj vi hadd fjell i Norge e..(?) vakje my å skryt av dem på herre her mappen.. (?)

    • dragongfx says:

      Hadde vel vært bedre om. Dem laga en map oslo – Bodø – Tromsø. Litt mer fjell og fjorder. Og en avstikker over trollstigen. 🙂

  20. AnDyWoL says:

    I’m using at the moment good mod runing it on 1.3.1 but it won’t let u use any other mods with it

  21. dragongfx says:

    Give us the hole norway. From south to north 🙂

    I am so tired of driving on that german autobhan. Btw can i use this map with the Europe Rebuilding map. ?

    ty and ty for a great map.

  22. CountGore says:

    This mod is not working with ETS2 1.4.1 official patch. Also tried to start a new game with diffrent mod setup (loading order), it crashes when loading new game every time.

    Please make a working edition for 1.4.1.

  23. jacob says:

    how to use itt?

  24. Antônio says:

    Parabéns pelas postagens.
    Favor corrigir o link deste MAPA Norway e enviar-me pelo meu e-mail.
    Aguardando, grato.

  25. Rozin says:

    Please,give me a NEW LINK

  26. Jonass0192 says:

    where do i download it

  27. My Homepage says:

    … [Trackback]

    […] Informations on that Topic: ets2.lt/en/norway-ma/ […]

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