NTM full/semitrailers v 1.1

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NTM Trailers
All the trailers have two variants, one with Thermoking cooler and one without it.
I hope everything works and there is no major bugs ? Hope you guys like it!

-Game version 1.30.x
-Advanced coupling
-Trailer lift axle
-Company paintjob system
-Animated braces

Changes v1.1
-Fix for dolly problems
-Collision box adjustments
-vertex paint adjustments

Special thanks to Abasstrepas and 50keda for the wheels. Ogentor and ReyhanRamadhan for the amazing skins

More info and Templates: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=250206

Kast, SCS, Ogentor, ReyhanRamadhan, Abasstrepas, 50keda


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One thought on “NTM full/semitrailers v 1.1

  1. nektarios543

    the dolly has the same problem the distanc from the dolly and the attach point is reduced but it has a little distance

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