[Official] Momo’s Logistics all Combo

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This is a combo skin pack of Momo Logistics for all SCS trucks and owned trailers.

This skin is the winner of a skin making contest held in September – October 2018.

I am not the maker of the skin but the skin maker has granted me the permission to publish. The skin maker name is “Private Person”.

Krone trailer skin addon pack is available separately which you can get it from the link below:
Krone trailer skin addon link : (coming soon)


Although all the intellectual property rights belong to SCS, But please respect hard works of the mod author.
The mod author does not give consent for anyone to:

– Re-post by any other download link other than the given link above.
– Re-post as is, as your own.
DONATION (Not required, but highly appreciated)

Any amount (even one cent) of your kindness & support will be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately friends invitations will be accepted on certain circumstances only. However, you can contact me through:

1. The comment section below. (Rude comments will be deleted)
2. Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Momos-mods-365686307191461/
3. My Youtube Chanel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAtYWr0IodkLyO9W4tMbpg/videos?view_as=subscriber
4. My email: [email protected]

Momo, Private Person


13 thoughts on “[Official] Momo’s Logistics all Combo

  1. plamine501

    ahahahaha beautiful skin!

  2. Girly touch! 😉

    1. Ohhh, here is our GAY making comments again…

      1. Seriously, instead of inventing a life for yourself, start by doing something useful for yours! I hope you are less than 15 years old, otherwise, I’m full of your mother and your father who missed your education!

        1. Lol, So you are doing something useful with your trash comments? We are spending our free time on the same mod site, same comment section, same game. But you are different than me? You gay troll!

          If you gonna continue to trash talk under every mod, you have your father behind you from now on.

          Learn how to speak to your father, girl!

          1. Hi! I speak as a member of the creative community! When you have made any mods, you will understand that the flight is an action that causes modders to no longer share their creations because of kid like you! I gave a clear answer in the comments of the truck ZIL on this same site! When you have as many years of gaming and testing as me, you can give lessons! But wait until the beard pushes you on the chin! 😉

  3. SidVicious

    ”I am not the maker of the skin but the skin maker has granted me the permission to publish. The skin maker name is “Private Person”.”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we believe you………….rofl

    1. MovingTarget

      That’s no lie. She held a skin contest announced on her FB page and this was the winner. I’m gonna DL it just ’cause i love Momo’s mods.

  4. gabrielle26

    horibile mod

  5. This skin is freaking awesome XD
    is there for ATS too?

  6. how+to+you+place+the+mods?,comment+place+cette+mods?

  7. hi momo are you going to do skin for man tgx euro 6 as I use these skins on all my trucks and trailers as they are a great design all I need also is a garage mod to go with it aswell

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