Ole Larsen Combo skinpack


Ole Larsen Combo.
Scania skin suit all chassis versions.
First skin for Coolliner_by_newS_v2.1, a big thanks for this trailer package.

Author: Per_DK


17 thoughts on “Ole Larsen Combo skinpack

  1. Frank_3390

    nice skin per_dk

    Mvh Frank_3390

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Yep again a top quality combo mate! Keep on going!



  3. Hey Freddy Jimmink, ben je al begonnen aan de Volvo van Transport bedrijf Wichers? Zo ja maak je alleen de trekker of maak je er een combo van?

    Hey Freddy Jimmink are you started jet on the Volvo from Transport bedrijf Wichers? If yes doe you make just a truck or do you make a combo from it?

    Greetz BarKro

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      No Bart,

      My father died and barried mn,


      Freddy Jimmink

      1. Excuses, excuses.

  4. Great skin per_dk!!

  5. super skin, tak 🙂

    1. Det var da så lidt Ejnar.
      Du kan også følge os på https://www.facebook.com/ets2skins
      der tager vi også imod ønsker om nye skins 🙂
      Hilsen Freddy J. og Per

      1. nice, men der skal nok kom flere ønsker 🙂

  6. Oej oke Gecondoleerd en Sterkte.

    ohw, sorry about you father goodluck with it.


  7. super flot arbejde per

  8. Where do I find “Coolliner_by_newS_v2.1”?

  9. Which tyre mod are you using in this picture?

      1. Thanks 🙂

  10. link is dead plz fix it 🙂

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