Optimus Prime – 1.31.x

– Standalone
– DAF Dealer
– Interior
– Paint
– Sound
– 2 mirrors

TLES Games, Fabio Contier, Grinder, losevo58, Vladimir1203, ispravleniya, Kriechbaum, ME


26 Responses to Optimus Prime – 1.31.x

  1. Gabriel says:

    Password ?

  2. ME says:

    You don’t need the password, just put it in the mod folder.

    • Gabriel548 says:


    • Shubham says:

      It ask for password and how to ad aal thaht files in mod all files are .sii files

      • ŤËŔMÎÑĀŢØŘ says:

        You just have to change the file extension from .zip to .scs and move it to the mod folder

        • JoachimK says:

          Put the zip in your Modfolder and activate in Game. That´s all… 😉

  3. Critic says:

    Cannot be found anywhere in game, no other mods loaded.

  4. Gabriel548 says:

    this mod no working. when i go to daf dealer my game crashed why ?

  5. Gabriel548 says:

    this mod not working. when i go to daf dealer my game crashed. why ?

  6. Weaver says:

    Password ??

  7. Shubham says:

    It ask for pass word and how to add all files into the mid folder all files are .sii files

  8. MrGermanDriver says:

    FAKE!! Old mod unadapted, no simulated cables

  9. Kei says:

    it’s work a trailer cable support??

  10. johnboy32115 says:

    Today I am very drunk and this truck looks very ugly
    Tomorrow I will be sober but this truck will still look very ugly.

  11. Ex says:

    All upload mod sh!t old . Old mod tsunami . LoL

  12. Luigi says:


  13. Shubham says:

    What about pass word bro
    What is the password it is ask for password everytime ..

  14. losevo58 says:

    My God! Who is this fashion moderated?
    Fixed crash: https://imgur.com/a/hF5S19q
    But there are still a lot of mistakes.
    It is necessary to correct after some …………

  15. ArifPrime says:

    when I go to DAF dealer, my game suddenly crashed :/

  16. Julio says:

    A mi no me sale el camión, me podría decir el concesionario en el que está?

  17. katie08cd says:


  18. Florolet says:

    Why my game always crashes whenever I try to buy this truck??????????????

  19. imjoowan says:

    Why go to the DAF dealer when the game crashes?

  20. que buen mod trabaja bien solo hay q cambiarle la extension al compactado por la extension .scs y ya… es decir de .zip a .scs

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