Optimus Prime – 1.31.x

– Standalone
– DAF Dealer
– Interior
– Paint
– Sound
– 2 mirrors

TLES Games, Fabio Contier, Grinder, losevo58, Vladimir1203, ispravleniya, Kriechbaum, ME


28 thoughts on “Optimus Prime – 1.31.x

  1. Password ?

    1. Stop old sh!t , no updated mod upload . FY

  2. You don’t need the password, just put it in the mod folder.

    1. Gabriel548


    2. It ask for password and how to ad aal thaht files in mod all files are .sii files


        You just have to change the file extension from .zip to .scs and move it to the mod folder

        1. Put the zip in your Modfolder and activate in Game. That´s all… 😉

  3. Cannot be found anywhere in game, no other mods loaded.

  4. Gabriel548

    this mod no working. when i go to daf dealer my game crashed why ?

  5. Gabriel548

    this mod not working. when i go to daf dealer my game crashed. why ?

  6. Password ??

  7. It ask for pass word and how to add all files into the mid folder all files are .sii files

  8. MrGermanDriver

    FAKE!! Old mod unadapted, no simulated cables

    1. it’s Trailer cables support is asking???

  9. it’s work a trailer cable support??

  10. johnboy32115

    Today I am very drunk and this truck looks very ugly
    Tomorrow I will be sober but this truck will still look very ugly.

  11. All upload mod sh!t old . Old mod tsunami . LoL


  13. What about pass word bro
    What is the password it is ask for password everytime ..

  14. My God! Who is this fashion moderated?
    Fixed crash: https://imgur.com/a/hF5S19q
    But there are still a lot of mistakes.
    It is necessary to correct after some …………

  15. ArifPrime

    when I go to DAF dealer, my game suddenly crashed :/

  16. A mi no me sale el camión, me podría decir el concesionario en el que está?

  17. katie08cd


  18. Why my game always crashes whenever I try to buy this truck??????????????

  19. Why go to the DAF dealer when the game crashes?

  20. que buen mod trabaja bien solo hay q cambiarle la extension al compactado por la extension .scs y ya… es decir de .zip a .scs

  21. hasan_erol3866

    slm yaşın kaç bilmiyorum ama benim en sevdim tırı ilk kişi olarak sen 1.31 güncellemisin allah bin kere razı olsun yeminle bu modu indirmek işin araştırıyom duruyodum 1.31 buldum ellerine sağlık eyer olurda ilerde 1.34 1.33 güncellesen daha iyi olur iyi çalışmalar

  22. Shakes1975

    Update for 1.35 please

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