Optimus Prime Peterbilt 389 & Trailer


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Peterbilt 389 – Model Optimus Prime ETS 2 – Full Version

Hi Friends, I would like to share a good mod with the site of you for the ETS2, it is a mod that I even modelei using the Peterbilt 389, as is a truck and old got practically nothing, this mod is a conversion done by 50 KEda my friend. Mod Optimus Prime for ETS2, brings with it 2 special Trailers, and also a truck to customize. These trucks work for all versions of ETS2. Tested and approved.

Mod Optimus Prime and Truck Custom: by Fabio Contier
Mod Peterbilt converted and sound: by maxxx2504, Stas556, dmitry68, 50keda, Kriechbaum, viper2

DOWNLOAD 156 MB Truck’s Optimus And Truck Custom
DOWNLOAD 25 MB Trailer Optimus and Dragon
DOWNLOAD 91 MB Adons and Leds: blue, red, yellow, etc…

74 thoughts on “Optimus Prime Peterbilt 389 & Trailer

  1. holy ####! this better work!! 🙂

    1. You should give people some warning before showing disgusting images like that. People could be trying to eat.

      1. MidniteTrain
  2. marchamilton

    hi is there a template available for the truck and the trailer ?

  3. skin not working

    1. I think there is an error in the *.tobj file from the skin. It seems that a simple “blank” in the end of the path of the skin too much.

      And i get errors like this:

      00:00:23.263 : [dx9] [render_item] 0 vtx/ 0 idx, mat /vehicle/truck/peter_389/materials/truck_5_black.045.mat – [fx /effect/eut2/dif_spec/eut2.dif.spec.rfx, bias 0] (tx /vehicle/truck/peter_389/textures/black.045.tobj – )
      00:00:23.263 : [dx9] Index stream cannot be empty.

      May the author of the skin check it.

  4. best truck ever

  5. help me to remove the animation,make my pc lag,but i love this truck,anyone can help me to remove the anomation like apple

    1. What makes you think it’s the animation making your PC lag? I think you’ll find it’s causing lag because of the model quality in general and removing animation won’t help the issue.

  6. Same link I used yesterday to download, so nothing’s different?

  7. Dear author Hello, Optimus Prime includes all links can not download please change a SkyDrive try. I’m looking forward to the truck. Thank you for your

  8. Dear authors realy nice truck i love it.
    I have only one question can you maybe make a sound for this truck like in german truck simulator. If you want you can look under optimus prime gts on youtube.
    Again i love this truck and it Will be awesome with a sound like that in gts.
    I hope you want look for it i want to thank you authors anyway.

    Greetings from Holland

  9. Unfortunately this mod makes the game lag. I didnt lag one single time before using this mod and now I lag all the time. Not much but enough for it to be noticed. Too bad :/ Otherwise an awesome mod 😀

  10. Skin not works….
    when I paint the Optimus Prime skin for the truck(is that really the last one?I’ve tried all of them),it’s just simply red with a little black.what’s wrong again?and the fifth tuning fender chrome is the real one of Optimus .But…it has no paint jod….please move the flame figure to the right fender …..fifth fender. and the sun visor is really wider than Optimus’,can you just use the old one of those old Peterbilt389 mod ?we’re looking forward to your perfect work!

  11. Lincolnimp

    this makes my game lag I have no problems with other Peterbilt & Kenworth mods


  13. My computer lag too. What a shame because this truck looks amazing. Great job !

  14. skin not working except for the rear fenders.please fix it.

    1. TeddyBear

      The truck works fine with tuning parts and skins.
      I downloaded it earlier and everything works as it should.

  15. marchamilton

    can anyone help me as to how to make a skin for the peterbilt using ets studio or is there another way to do it, as i use ets studio to make my skins …

    email : [email protected]
    FB : marc charles hamilton

  16. Trucker Melli

    perfect … aber wie bekomm ich den GPS rein?

  17. Bonjour j’ai un petit soucis quand je vais pour prendre une cargaison est que je suis sur emplacement est je fait entrée le jeux plante ?? une solution a ceux problème merci cordialement est sinon joli boulot super Mod

  18. Super,super zatím nejlepší truck.Díky.

  19. Lorry is made with mistake!!! Game log whole red!!!

  20. Steev Manzo

    Nice work! Everything was so beautiful and perfect! Congratulations for the great work! Thank you very much!

  21. truck works great and looks great but, the GPS on the dash did not work for the first 5 mins, then it came on, after a few loads I had truck serviced and GPS if off again and is not coming back on. I hate the games big ugly GPS.

  22. cud this sin b made for all trucks and one soecialy for the peterbilt 379

    could this skin be made for all trucks and one specially for the peterbilt 379. the 389 lags my pc.

  23. NormanLong

    Awesome man1
    Could you upload to ShareMods.com?
    I can’t connect to MediaFire.
    Thanks a lot.

  24. У меня мод работает отлично.И скины,и текстуры.В только звуки двигателя отвратительные на больших оборотах.На холостых:запуск и угасание двигателя звуки идеально-красивы!Двигатель при наборе оборотов “захлебывается”.Отвратительно!Поработайте над новыми звуками двигателя к этому грузовику.

  25. dear author,I know what’s wrong with the skin now,if you want to use the Optimus’ skin ,you must enter the game of ……win-x86,it doesn’t work if you enter the way of win-x64! thank you very much for you effort!

  26. icebeer75

    sorry woths dis for a musik song ?

  27. icebeer75

    hello people like to say sorry to the song that runs in the background and who he is?

  28. I figured out the answer to my earlier question about the trucks dashboard GPS not being on, you have to enable the trucks beacon light, took me a long time to figure this out as I don’t put those lights on any of my trucks. also posted this if someone else has the same issue.

  29. Dear Author!
    First af all i want to thank you the really nice model. It’s really amazing, except one thing. The front bumper i thnik is positionated a bit fore, than it must to be. Could you give me some advise how to put it into the right place on the truck. Thank you again.

  30. Hello, I install this mod that I love, but when i try, windows stopped working. why?

    I have to transfer template Peterbilt 389 Optimus.dds and
    FS204 taylerf1 Peterbilt 389.scs in my mod folder ETS2

    why its not working? thank you 🙂

    I have the real version of the game! 🙂

    google traduction sorry because i’m Canadian i speak french 😛

    Bonjour , j’ai installer ce mod que j’aime beaucoup , mais quand i try, windows a cessé de fonctionner. why ?

    j’ai transferer template Peterbilt 389 Optimus.dds et
    FS204 taylerf1 Peterbilt 389.scs dans mon dossier mod de ets2

    pourquoi sa ne marche pas ? merci 🙂

    j’ai la vrais version du jeu! 🙂

    1. plz someone have a answer for me?, and for this mod , do you need another mod? thank you !

    2. plz someone have a answer for Darkss?, and for this mod , do you need another mod? thank you !

  31. Aventador

    this truck is awesome but i don’t like that back truck chasis was rised and its not a similar like a front wheels. please fix this problem in another version!

  32. Aventador

    this truck is awesome but i don’t like that back chasis was raised

  33. do you have interest in make a TRANSFORMERS 4 Galvatron Freightliner Argosy skin ? maybe you can just use the VOLVO FH to do that because I think this two truck are similar to each other~~~

  34. TeamScania

    My ETS2 Doesn’t wanna co-operate with RAR files. Any chance that it could become an SCS file?

  35. Very nice truck but the sound is bad. I prefer the sound \zPete379EXDsounds.scs\, but this doesn’t work in this mod. Sorry for my English.

  36. This is a really nice mod but it causing the game to crash a lot, I hope it can be fixed.

    1. Update is the one I have

  37. dear auther,this is a very nice truck,good work!!do you have any interest to make a transformers:age of extinction Optimus Prime truck?if you do it ,that would be a surpris for many players!

  38. Totally amazing truck! Thanks so much for making it. And it handles very nicely. I use a pretty clean looking truck without too much bling on it, so thanks for making that an option. Gave me that real american trucker feeling for sure 🙂

  39. Mercohaulic

    Love the truck. Great Job. Not a big fan of how the trailer is setup. I feel its a lil overdone. The trailer doesnt need triple axles . should ony have 2 and have dual wheels per axle. also they beed to be moved back like a standerd triler and the covering that covers the wheels taken off the whole trailer. I think if you ca modify that you would have a better loking more realistic mod. Thanks for your hard work none the less

    1. Mercohaulic

      Skins dont work in 64 Bit

  40. Gamer_Kate

    This mod is awesome! I’ve been playing this game all the time just to drive Optimus Prime all over Europe. I’ve given him the best parts and the strongest engine so far with 840 hp.
    I’m only level 10 and unfortunately the next engine will be available at level 16.
    I’m playing the game in 3D and it makes a huge difference.
    It’s much more realistic.

  41. My Optimus and Dragon skins are busted. They both show up red w/ a black blotch here and there on the truck.

    The fenders optimus has works and when I select the interior vision for optimus the flames and everything show up from the inside POV.

    Can someone please help me? It is driving me nuts.

    I run w/ about 10 mods not including maps. Have tried everything including deleting all other non essential mods to my profile. But nothing.

    1. Do you run the game in 64-bit? Most custom skins will not work in 64-bit.

  42. Kingspian

    My GPS on my dashboard doesn’t work. how can I get it to work? 🙁

    1. Try using “o” on your keyboard or which ever key/button you have bound to beacon, it worked for me.

  43. When will I download Transformers 4 mode
    Can I get up in the mind too deuneunde files quickly

  44. -_- What thiis…. I like your Job, my friend… I want to ask… After i Install this mod, where i can found this mod in game, and where this peterbilt Shop Location?

    1. its place at DAF dealer..

  45. Angyalfoldi

    good job. nice!!!

  46. Great Truck! The skin of Transformers dont work for me, only gets red color. I am in the last version of the game. Thanks.

    1. ShuqGrind

      Could you please update it for 1.17 and 1.16 version? I really love this truck,it’s awesome!


    Hi I saw your awesome truck but the link does not work plz update it

    1. I don’t think it’s the same version but hey, better than nothing.

  48. Hey! I just wanna say that the file is gone on Mediafire can’t download the file, it says that the key or whatever it is is invaild. Or maybe it’s my computer I dunno, hope it can be fix!

    Sincerely from a trucker from Sweden

  49. The paint job Doesn’t work 🙁

  50. jacob0914

    can you update it for 1.19 of euro truck sim 2

  51. the truck is activated but it is not at the truck dealer……HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  52. Little_ghost

    I had a look at the files and changed/edited some stuff.
    Now works like a charm in 1.19!!!

  53. links offline

  54. Hi, I can’t get the skin to show, I bought it but it looks the same.

  55. camalb-ev

    hey how can send me this mods mods is deletted pls send me

  56. Link is not working 🙁

  57. ¡Hola! Me he iniciado recientemente en el mundo de la caza y ciertos compañeros usan telémetros, mas voy un poco perdido.

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