Otelo xenon lights


Mod Xenon lights for all trucks Game
Kenworth T660
Kenworth W900L
Kenworth W900B Long
Marcopolo Paradiso 1200 G6 bus
Peterbilt 379
Peterbilt 387
Peterbilt 389
Scania 112
Volvo VNL 780
Tested on with TSM Version 4.5.6
Also works for additional lights that are activated by pressing F4



7 Responses to Otelo xenon lights

  1. hodgson61paul says:

    great mod working well for me thanks

  2. Dadoug says:

    Will this work on Scania Streamline?

    • FTDude says:

      I think it does.
      I opened the mod and saw the truck scania streamline in it, but no 50k scania.

      Can you make it compatible for it (50k)?

  3. Dadoug says:

    Thanks so much FTDude maybe give it a try

  4. Dadoug says:

    Well I tried to get this to work multiple times will not work for me. I have Scania streamline.
    oh well

  5. Derp :P says:

    What does this mod do just wondering đŸ˜›

  6. loveonlove says:

    I like driving in bad shape. You can turn me sad designs as shown in Figure?

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