Overtaking over the Full Line

With this mod AI Traffic can overtaking you over full line.

MarcMods, SCS


11 thoughts on “Overtaking over the Full Line

  1. LucyLuuBoo

    Yes i hope this works iv been wanting this forever no other modder could figure it out!!

    1. seriously??? I created my traffic mod more than a year ago!!!
      this mod is correctly created but with a specification, it will only work in game version 1.28 and below.
      the rule allow_wrong_way[]: “” is outdated in 1.30 so don’t be surprised if your game crashes 😀

      1. LucyLuuBoo

        Bit mean how you say you created or done it when fact is vitherenegade gave you the code i know her well but she deserves some credit gone into your work

        1. so you are vitherenegade and you are only looking for some publicity, my traffic mod has overtaking allowed on solid single lane since its begin back in 1.26, do you consider me that ######, not being able to modify a single line in road_look.sii to allow overtaking on solid lane??? what code are you talking about? there are no codes in mods, only sii files with rules!!!

  2. Whenever I open the map with this mod the game is crashing. It is very strange.

  3. LucyLuuBoo

    @MarcMods crashed when looking at the map pressing M or selecting view jobs 🙁 please please please fix this

    1. Crashing it when you only open map or when you want for example zoom?

      1. LucyLuuBoo

        Both and when looking at jobs available perhaps its cause i have promods?

  4. I have the same problem, the game crashes when I want to look at the job market.

  5. it’s compatible with Promods?

  6. why its against the law to overtake on solid lines?

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