Overweight Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 6.9

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Pack adds in game 47 new models of overweight and flatbed trailers (different trailers by Fliegl, Wielton, Kassbohrer, Krone, Goldhofer, Nooteboom, HRD, Estepe, Langendorf, Galtrailer, Chmzap, Maz, Nefaz and others), 243 new cargo, 98 traffic trailers.
New cargo added to companies for all popular maps.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
For version 1.31.x
Compatible with all my packs, except trailers and cargo pack.
Included english and russian versions.
For english version you must have in mod folder two files:
If you want overweight trailers in traffic put in mod folder file:

Attention! This pack is part of my Trailers and cargo pack. Don’t use them together!


DOWNLOAD 444 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 444 MB [Modsbase]

12 thoughts on “Overweight Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 6.9

  1. So there is no new cargos, they are all in the original pack ?

    1. Yes. This is just lite version of my Trailers and cargo pack for overweight-lovers )

      1. Ok thanks for your reply

  2. Джаз, разве я никогда не говорил тебе, что ты лучший? Ну, теперь я говорю это! Я «экипирован» только вашими пакетами! Спасибо, Jazzycat!

  3. REVIEW:

  4. Nightfiver

    can we put your 2 pack together?

    1. And what sence?

  5. Phanathos

    What do you think ? If I use your military cargo pack and railway cargo pack in 1.31 will work ? It’s for 1.30 . Or how much time will be until version for 1.31 will be out ?

  6. Джаз, у меня есть вопрос. Как отсортировать файлы?
    Я проехал 800 км в Германии, но я не видел этих прицепов на дороге. Я устроил так:
    Где моя ошибка?

    1. You need file overweight_trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v6.9_traf.scs
      Priority does not matter.

      1. Thanks for the reply, but i have this file.

  7. ismail ozdemir

    I think this is the best mod jazzycat uploaded becuase the other cargo and trailer pack is an immense one more than 2GB and similar trailers. A mod including just overweight cargoes is a great one for me who likes overweight and oversize cargoes. Quality is better than Chris45. On the other hand Chris45 has more cargo types. Anyway keep developing mods… Happy Trucking…. :))))

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