Ownable Overweight Trailer Goldhofer v 1.2

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Ownable overweight trailer Goldhofer
Advanced coupling
Cables simulation
30 overweight cargo
2 chassis variants
Tested on version 1.33.x
Models by Giants Software, Weltenbauer Software, Visual Imagination, PlayWay SA, Cape, Code Horizon

Version 1.2 – added 10 new cargo: Krone BigX 1000, boiler, Caterpillar TH514C, Caterpillar AP1055F, compactor, excavator, forklifts, Amazone Pantera 4001, big concrete tube, Zunhammer 18500.


DOWNLOAD 56 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 56 MB [Modsbase]

4 thoughts on “Ownable Overweight Trailer Goldhofer v 1.2

  1. TeddyBear

    no mudflaps, no beacons, no license plate.

    1. No eyes, no brain… You are blind?

  2. Hekkespringer

    Tnx,,,Nice,,,are You planning to add some platform ( JLG ) in the feature? Would be awsome.

  3. can u make the goldhofer extended flatbed version ownable?

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