Pack Tire Tuning


Tuning Daf Euro6 Tires



8 thoughts on “Pack Tire Tuning

  1. Это уже Дурью маетесь!Всякую ерунду закидываете.

  2. Oh my god -.- Why? Ugly and unrealistic!

  3. i would like to punch in the face to the creator of this mod, and one thing, if you dont know a s**t about trucks, turn this game off,and rather go playing Need For Speed. I***t

  4. I will go to Taubaté sao paulo kill this TlesGames!

  5. Need for speed. How crazy can you be ?? It’s ####.

  6. Ugly

  7. HOrrible.This is not Need for Speed.

  8. I’m so glad that others recognize that trucks are made to haul #### around not race with rubberbands for tyres ! He’ll, even the trucks that do race use standard sized tyres

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