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TSM – Trailer Pack Heavy


The trailer package includes 10 heavy duty trailer. They are all stand-alone trailer. That said there are 10 new trailer and freight to the old persist.

The following loads are available:

Steel ring (Heavy)
Crawler excavators (Heavy)
Pipe section Small (Heavy)
WKA Sigment (Heavy)
WKA wing (Heavy)
Steel beam (Heavy)
Military vehicle (Heavy)
Yacht (Heavy)
Ram (Heavy)
Tank (Heavy)

The SW – Pack must be charged according to the following Packs

TSM Just Play Pack

We do our work for the fun of the thing, and they are also
continue to keep it open. But since we often asked about donations
were. possible here

Support provides exclusively only with details of the log file

TruckSim TruckSim Map of MODS is under a Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Based on a work at Download Only the original link from TSM (
Permissions beyond the scope of this license can be obtained under

This mod may only be charged on the offered download links!
The mod may not be offered to other file hosters!


Trucksim Map v 2.1

slider9 slider6 slider5 slider8 slider3 slider2 slider10

– 38 new cities in Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Lybia
– Adapted gasoil prices in all countries
– New signs done over the map build by us
– More life on the road
– Different start modes
– Many extra mods setted to run with the map like new trucks, more engines, more trailers and so on- This are the links to our map, which we let on basical status and open, so that builders can fill in their stuff. If you want you can use our additional packs for the map.
– Rich: You start the game with 100.000€
– Extra rich: You start the game with 10.000.000€
– Streetsurfers Trailerpack
– This mod adds streetsurfers extratrailer to the map in addition to this mod we made a little real company mod to use together with this mod not to be used with the just play mod
– This pack contains at about 200 trailers, the last tc-mod, additional trucks like the MPIV and the Axor from Danz, the Peterbilt from Undomer, our engine and all accessory free mod, chip tuned engines, a real company mod, adeguated economics, real logo for mercedes brand by Womble and many other things. In future we will add other things like truckshop from maghetto and other things. Cause using other mods from other mothers with their permition we locked the .scs of this files.
– No speed limit mod
– With this mod your trucks have no speed limt set.

Runs under ETS2 1.3/1.3.1, compatibility to is not guaranted older savegames are not comaptible

Author: TSM Team



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YouTube preview

This Profile Mod is for all the beginners and Pro Gamer out there collecting Profile Mods.

This is for the version 1.36. I don’t know if this will run in previous version.

This is very basic and clean Profile Mod.

No other mods attach so when it loaded to your ETS2 no missing mods will be displayed.

It is free for you to connect to your collection mods.

This is totally clean no bugs, no virus. All Clean Profile Mod only for you.

I have a youtube video tutorial on where you can put this mod in your computer.

Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you like this mod.

Or donate to my paypal account to the bottom of your heart to help my sick mother. Thank you.

my paypal account:

Just want to help my stress mother.

Thank you Guys.

Please comment below if you like this mod.

Profile Mods Info:

Name: PRO DRIVER 2020
Level: 36,780
MONEY: 1,911,868,672
Garage Count: 67
Truck Count: 25
Trailer Count: 5
Driver Count: 25
Total driven distance: 250,002,016 km

Credits to AKpKa Youtube Channel


Polskie CB RADIO for ETS2

YouTube preview

Mod adds Polish narrative on CB radio while driving. Just insert .ogg files into the music folder and start the player in ETS2.
Mod dodaje polskie narrację na cb radiu podczas jazdy. Wystarczy włożyć pliki .ogg do folderu music i uruchomić odtwarzacz w ETS2.



AI ETS2 Global Trailers Rckps 1.2 For 1.36.XX

YouTube preview

Mod update.

Please do not upload the mod to another server. Respect the work and the author’s original link. Thank you.


Add new textures for trailers that appear in traffic.
180 different paintings.
Logos of different companies, which add 141 Global companies.
Textures for closed box trailers, canvas,
short and long fuel tank.
Download the Winrar file. Inside, there is the mod and all
Textures images added. Extract the mod;
Remove the previous version of this mod, and replace it with the new one.
If you use any traffic management modification, place
“AI_ETS2_Global_Trailers_Rckps_1.2.scs” just below.
Activate it and play.

List of companies added:

ABB, APL Logistic, Absolut Vodka, Acrena, Adidas, Aiciondo,
Air Truck Sea, Airbus, Algevasa Logistic, Almacenes Avelino,
Almiramar, American Petroleum, Amoco, Ancap, Aquarius, Ariston,
Asus, Auchan, Azkar Group, BP, BabyTrans, Balconi,
Basf, Bashneft, Bayer, Beefeater, Bimbo, Boerman Transport,
Bridgestone, C. Vreugdenhil, Campsa, Canpinar, Cemb Ahen,
Cepsa, Ceran Transport, Chevron, Coca Cola, Continental,
Dachser, Dako, Dixan, E Lclerc, Easy Jet, Eco,
Eomega Pilzno, Esso, Exxon Mobil, FamilyMart, Fanta,
Fedex, Firestone, Foster Farms, GLS, Galp, Gazprom,
Genebrando Castro, Grup Ambort, Guinnes, Gulf, HAKULL,
HCS, Hamburg Süd, Hermanos Robledo, Hess, Hipercor,
Hispaniola, Hitachi, I&P, Iberia, Ikea, JBL, Janocargo,
Jägermeifter, Kapycevb, Kfc, Klotz, Kluber, Komenka,
Kool Trans, Kraft, Kroger, LKW Walter, Lanjatrans,
Lloyds of ludlow ltd., Logitrans, Lukoil, Mahou,
Mazda, Media Markt, Mestrans, Milka, Nabek, Nacex,
Nippon Express, Nissan, Norbert Dentressangle,
Oscar Mayer, PDVSA, Pascual, Pemex, Petro China, Petrobras,
Petrocat, Pharma & Contents, Pollock Scotrans LTD,
Puma, Quevedo, Ramco, Reb Lobster, Repsol, Resir, STB Cargo,
Scandifresh, Segurola, Seven Eleven, Shell, Siotrans,
Skynet, Spedition Höhner, Statoil, Subaru, Sunoco,
Suzuki, Svensk KvigExport, TSB, Texaco, Thermo Transit,
Tomas Arrieta, Total, Trans-Avellá, TransMoya, TransNoriega,
TransReyes, Transmoro, Transport genel, Transportes Illán,
Unocal 76, Valero, Varta, Viuda de Tadeo Juan, William Lawsons.

Changes in 1.2:

– Added 46 Companies.
– Added 80 New Textures:
– 30 Textures for short cistern.
– 30 Textures for long cistern.
– 20 Textures for canvas trailers (Tauliner).

Winrar file weight: 19.8 Mb.
Weight of the decompressed mod 153 Mb.

Credits: Textures: Fredy, Pinkfloyds, The Nuvolari, Taka, Lobomorunga, Rockeropasiempre. Testers: Cupido, Saquer, Chuzo, Salsambo, TurcoTron. Author: Rockeropasiempre


Dacia Logan 2011 v2 ETS2 1.36

YouTube preview

-Adapter for 1.36
-Added sport pedals in the interior
-Added real gearbox Dacia in the interior
-Added Akrapovic tips exhaust
-Added BMW M5 e39 seats
-Deleted Dacia seats
-frame on the dashboard
-real front mirror edit
-real buttons for the dashboard console
– exhaust,rear bumper speaker,front lip and eyelids on the headlights
-CD Player Pioneer
-Renault Clio 2017 steering wheel
-custom license plate from Romania
-Sandero interior(trzpro original author and edit by me DaNN_YT)
-1 engine option
-1 interior option
-5 speed gearbox
Do not edit the mod without asking me! (DaNN_YT) contact me on instagram!
Do not change link!
You can ask me if you want to edit car on Instagram: @xdanny1357
The car is not stable at roads,please open console and type “g_suspension_stiffness 0.1” and enter!
!!!Attention!!! If you get crashed I recommend disable mods or you can create a new profile!!!
If you want you can adjust the seat position according to your preference!
On the car are stickers with my YouTube channel and my Instagram account!
Author Car: DaNN_YT(DaNnY3L on my channel Youtube)
Author Interior: trzpro
Subscribe on my channel YouTube: DaNnY3L

DaNN_YT, trzpro