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Real Company Logo v 2.3

Real-Company-Logo-1 Real-Company-Logo-2

Mod tested and working on v1.20.X

Cganges in v2.3
– Fixed missing mat files
– Changes in companies:
*) MS Stein – Norwegian Mining Company
*) Nordic Stenbrott – Sandvik
– Added manifest


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Real Company Logo v 2.2

Real Company Logo (1) Real Company Logo (2)

Mod tested and working on 1.18

Changes in 2.2:
– I adapted mod for Scandinavian DLC

Changes in companies:
– Agronord – Jost Group
– Aria Foods – Arla Foods
– Bhv – SAAB
– Container port – Mearsk
– Drekkar – DFDS Logistics
– Gnt – Danske Fragtmaend
– Ika – Ikea
– konstnr – Skanska
– Nord Crown – Danish Crown
– Norr Food – NETTO
– Norrsken Freja
– NS Chem – BASF
– NS Oil – Statoil
– Polar Fish – Nordisk Express
– Renar – Kuehne Nagel
– Vitas – Vestas
– Sellplan (old Mearsk) – Lidl
– Added skins to Krone and Schmitz trailers
– Few other small changes

If you using my Trailer Mod Pack, this mod must load after trailer mod.

Author: satan19990


Real Logo Brazilian Company v 2.0

ets2_00013 ets2_00015

This mod changes the game companies for Brazilian companies.
Tested on version 1.15.1

BCP – Jolivan
EuroAcres – JSL
EuroGoodies – Correios
FCP – Petrobras
ITCC – Cosan
KAAFOR – Carrefour
LkwLog – SADA
NBFC – Ipiranga
Posped – Ritmo Logistica
Sanbuilders – Klabin
Stokes – Coopercarga
Tradeux – Itapemirim
Trameri – TNT Mercurio
Transinet – Braspress
Treeet – Vale
WGCC – Shell

Author: Maryva


Company logos


Corporate logo for my company

This mod replaces the default logo of scs (freely available on the Internet) with new logos.
The logos were taken from

Simply copy CompanylogosV1.scs file in the mods folder.
When activating you can see immediately that the new logos will appear.

If you are using the Trucksimmap, the last Logo will be overwritten by TSM if you not add at least one “z” in the name of the .scs file.
Who wants to have the source files that can send me a pm.

I was inspired by the following mod:
Flags for the profile of knecht33, who was deleted here.
Nevertheless, he gets credit!

niwo, knecht33


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